Hello world!

Thank you and welcome to my blog.

I’m new to this game so please go easy on me (then you can stick me in the back as much as you want)

I have a lot of fun checking out what everyone else is up to so thought I’d do the same, hopefully pick up a few tips here and there and maybe, just maybe pass one on!!

A little about myself.  I’m a born and bred Manjimup lad (OK, I know what you’re thinking), and grew up on the family farm out west of Manji. Spent the majority of it on the farm, apart from a stint in Perth in my early 20’s and just over 3 years in the North West working.

I primarily do sport photography, but love my landscapes and portrait work. Hopefully I can get some honest opinions and learn and develop as time goes on.

Have fun!!


~ by Jamie Nicolaou on November 21, 2009.

5 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Hi Jamie, good job there mate! I shall add you to my blog roll! Check my blog out as well if you like. I am blowen away on how many people visit. I have had 1000 hits in 4 weeks, chicken feed compared to some but I recon thats OK. Hey you going on the True North?? Need to stick us Nikon guys together.

    Cheers mate


  2. No dramas Dave, I’ll add you to mine as well.
    Just be good to get some feedback on the images, best way to learn and improve I guess.
    I am going on the True North, should be fun. And yes, we have to keep these canon guys honest!!

  3. Hello Jamie , welcome to blog world.

    Just found your blog thru Dave Bettini’s so will be keeping an eye on it .

    I’m from farming background as well around Northam although i’m off the farm now.

    Good to see another farmers perspective on things.

    I’ll add you to my blog roll mate.

    Cheers Merv.

  4. Hi Merv, pleased to meet you.
    Thanks for the big welcome. Thought it was time to get out there and try and improve on things and get some feedback.
    I’ve checked your blog out a fair few times, as well as everyone elses.
    Must say I enjoy the banter you leave on CF’s from time to time.
    You’re on my roll now to Merv.

  5. Thanks Jamie .

    Fletch needs a stir up every now and again !!!!! 🙂

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