Pilbara Storm

Well this is my first photo post – hope you like it.

This was taken about 30 km down the Millsteam Link Road after one of those pleasant 48 degree Karratha days. I could see the storms brewing all afternoon, and just prayed that the storms wouldn’t slip inland like they usually do. I headed out straight after work and found a nice little hill to sit on, and waited.

The lightning strikes seemed to be working all around me, or just directly behind me, where the camera wasn’t pointing!! I then noticed these nice clouds starting to build, but the lightning strikes were inconsistent. I was just about to pack up, totally dejected, but then I finally got a strike, a solitary strike, and it worked.

So here is the result of that solitary strike.


~ by Jamie Nicolaou on November 21, 2009.

12 Responses to “Pilbara Storm”

  1. still love this pic nico, have to be one of my favs, its a great one to start your blog , the bar has been set

    good luck with blogging

  2. Yeah cheers Bren, just glad someone’s actually left a comment, can always rely on you mate.
    Main reason for this is so I work harder to produce good images.

  3. Definately my favorite too Nico. Excellent work.

  4. Very cool shot Nico. Impressive setting the Pilbara and the build up you get.

  5. Cheers guys. The Pilbara is awesome for that, just never know what you’re going to get Matt.

  6. Hey Jamie,

    Glad to see you finally have a blog. We met at Christian’s gallery one day. I was impressed with that shot then and still am.

    Seriously well done!


    True North Mark

  7. I love this shot! Like you I’ve waited and waited, trying to get the lightning to strike at the same time my shutter is open… it’s never happened so I’m glad to see you get it.
    Welcome to blogland. I live in Oregon, USA and I found you through John Lovett.

  8. Thanks for the nice comment Jo. I prefer to shoot lightning when there’s still some ambient light around, whether it be natural or some town/city lights. There is luck involved, but it’s just being on the ball with the shutter release. I guess it depends on the storm and the consistency.

  9. Amazing composition

  10. Awesome photo. Worth its ‘wait’ in gold, although sitting in those surroundings watching a storm kick off around you isn’t likely to be a chore.

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