The Monster Girl

I was fortunate enough to get a gig shooting the Super X  at Burswood for Australasian Dirt Bike Magazine a few weeks ago, which was unreal.

Just being so close to the action and watching the awesome battle between Chad Reed, Dan Reardon and Jay Marmont was just amazing. These guys put themselves at risk to not only get on the podium, but also entertain the crowd. An unfortunate side effect of this type of sport are the injuries and the potential for serious, if not life changing scenarios.

But part of the entertainment away from the racing is the Monster Girl. This girl has one job to do, hold up the 30 second board, and look good while doing that!! Somehow I don’t think you’ll disagree.

Shot using the Nikon D3 with the 200-400mm zoom, ISO 3200, f4 @ 1/320th sec handheld.

Imagine being at the starting gates, psyching yourself for the holeshot, only to be distracted by, well, what was  I writing about again, oh yes, the Monster Girl…………….


~ by Jamie Nicolaou on November 22, 2009.

5 Responses to “The Monster Girl”

  1. Thats a tough gig Jamie, did you get many shots of the bikes? Have just put you on my blogroll. Also new to this blogging thing just started mine last month after a very inspirational talk by Christian and others at the Breakout day. Will keep in touch.

  2. Yeah I did get some photos of the bikes, and a few more of the girls too!! It was awesome, although due to the TV coverage the format is extremely fast,and there’s no time for snoozing. I only had one camera body running as I sold my D700 2 days prior to getting the gig. Doh!!
    Anyway cheers Pete, I’ll put you on my blogroll and I’ll check yours out too.

  3. Hey Jamie, well I spoke to these girls at the Casino after…they asked who was the camera guy, I told them it was me hahah.

    Well first part is true, and by spoke a quick school boy hello!


  4. I didn’t hang around, I went back to Bunbury straght after it finished as I had to get through all the photos to send to ADB.

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