The Farm

This photo here is from the farm in sunny old Manjimup. If you look closely you will see that it isn”t raining, yes, that’s right, NOT raining!!!

When I finished my job in Karratha, I went on the Australasian Safari for a week. A week of absolutely beautiful weather, not a puff of wind, not a cloud in the sky and just superb. Then as I drove home from Kalgoolie the day after the Safari ended, I could see the clouds starting to build up on the horizon as I approached Hyden. The closer I got to Manjimup the clouds got heavier, and before I reached home, it had started to rain. I had spent over three years in the North West, and was lucky to see 2 weeks worth of rain in over 3 years, I come back home and it rained solid for 6 weeks……….6 weeks of rain, I could not believe it. If it wasn’t raining, it was pissing down!! Good ol’ Manji.

Anyway I’m dribbling……now about this photo. It was taken the night after I had attended one of Christian Fletcher’s workflow workshops. My parents had some friends from Queensland visiting, one being John Lovett, an artist. He also enjoyed photography and was interested in how to shoot and stitch panoramas. We were sitting back having a couple quieties, then I saw the colours in the sky really start to come out. It was a beautiful balmy evening, hardly a puff of wind, and I was blessed with the beautiful lighting that you see here. Hopefully you agree.

This is the view my parents wake up to, my place on the ther hand looks out over the bull holding paddock, not as nice, but I’m not complaining all the same.

You really do appreciate what you have when you are away from it, and the years up North definitely gave me that appreciation.



~ by Jamie Nicolaou on November 24, 2009.

4 Responses to “The Farm”

  1. Nice image Jamie, i like the strainer post in the corner. Now a pair of wheeling CRF450R’s would top it off…..

  2. Thanks David. That’s as far in as I could get the strainer post in because there’s a house on the other side!! Not sure if the bikes would work in the middle of this though!! Out the back in the bush where I ride is good. I’ll post some photos of that!!

  3. Nice stuff Jamie, this shot is amazing. Love the clarity and brilliance of the sky.

  4. Thank you for the nice comment Kheng. It’s easier when the conditions are right!!

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