New Nikon D3s

Well it’s finally here. I received a call from Howard at Camera Electronics to say the D3s has arrived. (You want a good deal, see these guys!!)

Now as a current D3 user I’m pretty excited, as it is an awesome camera. Now I know people have their favorite, Nikon or Canon(or others), but I don’t bag Canon, because it’s obvious they make good gear too, it just seems because my first camera was a Nikon, that I would stay that way, but I haven’t been disappointed. I just like the layout of the body, especially when shooting sport, when you need to change settings quickly they are there. Also the autofocus is quick and sharp. I used the D3 inside the Burswood Dome, where the lighting was very ordinary. The camera was hooked up to the Nikon 200-400 mm and the 70-200mm lenses, all handheld at ISO 2500-3200, and the results were great. As you’d expect there was some noise, but once processed they come out sweet.

All in all it’s a pretty exciting time, with lots of new products, techniques and technologies, will we ever get bored??

Click HERE to check out the speccy new specs on the D3s.

Check out some images with the new Nikon 70-200 mm f2.8 ED VRII by Cliff Mautner HERE.

Check out some images from the NEW Nikon D3s HERE.


~ by Jamie Nicolaou on November 26, 2009.

One Response to “New Nikon D3s”

  1. Yes great times to be a Nikon user for sure Jamie! I need one, or is that I want one!

    Yep never going to get bored with this stuff, although broke may be an option!

    Viva la Nikon!

    Cheers mate


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