Super X

Just thought I’d post a few photos from the Super X in Perth.

All images shot with a Nikon D3 with  200-400 f4 and 70-200 f2.8 lenses at ISO 2500/3200. Imagine how good the D3s will be???

It was an awesome event, although shooting makes it hard to really know whats going on with the heats and results.

Because of the TV coverage, it’s just flat out, no time to rest, and it’s all over in 2 hours.

The lites was dominated by Matt Moss, who now has already defended last years lites title with 3 rounds to go.

the opens on the other hand is not a one way street like last year.

Chad Reed had his hands full on the night, with Dan Reardon taking the podium win and Jay Marmont coming third. Reed’s starts suffered all night and ultimately cost him the chance at a win, well that’s my thoughts anyway.

Dan Reardon taking the win. If there was one more lap Reed may have just got there, who knows!!

Michael Byrne leading Troy Carroll and Cam Taylor into the whoops section!!

This image of Chad Reed demonstrates the way he seems to ride the whoops. He is by far the quickest rider on these sections, and it seems he just floats over them!!

This is my 2nd favorite image from the night (Monster Girl No 1!!) This is the 2nd last lap of the final, and Chad Reed is chasing down Dan Reardon (in the background), in what was one of the most exciting races in history.

If you’d like to see the gallery of my photos on the Australasian Dirt Bike website, click HERE



~ by Jamie Nicolaou on November 26, 2009.

One Response to “Super X”

  1. Great stuff Jamie. Got to love the D3 for low light action. Gawd my D2Xs would have had a fit about 400!



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