Gotta love kids. Mischievious, innocent, free spirited, eveything a child should be. It’s even more satisfying capturing a nice portrait of children.

This is Aleigha, Tegan’s (my better half) niece. She’s full of beans, and just loves getting out and getting amongst it, which is great. She loves animals, all sorts, even takes a fancy to snakes, but I think it’s more because she doesn’t really understand about their venonmous bite. I’d rather kids be running around outside than sitting indoors watching tv or sitting on the computer.

These pics were taken at the Bull an Barrel day at Dardanup. As soon as Aleigha saw the face painting that was it, she wanted a pink tiger, (it was a lion but she tells me it was a tiger).


~ by Jamie Nicolaou on November 30, 2009.

2 Responses to “Aleigha”

  1. Really great shots Nico, and great post processing

  2. Cheers Chizza. It’s easy when you have a good subject!!

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