Collie River

Went for a drive up to Welly Dam, back in late September. It had been pretty wet and was expecting the WellyDam was close to overflowing. That it was, and did 2 days later…..doh!!

This was taken downstream from Welly Dam, I think the area is called Gel-Coat Rapids. Went for a bit of a stroll but there weren’t too many good locations, or easily accesible spots to take photos. The other side of the river looked better!! It was a nice little walk trail, although felt quite eerie in a sense……..I just think being deep in the bush can do that sometimes. Lucky I had Tegan there to back me up!!

The light was starting to fade, and the exposure was around 75 seconds.

Not really exciting but thought I’d put it on anyway.


~ by Jamie Nicolaou on December 3, 2009.

4 Responses to “Collie River”

  1. Thats not to shabby mate.

    I must have been there a couple of days later as the dam was going over on the day we were there.

  2. Liking this one Jamie. Nicely framed. The subtle vignette directs attention to the main subject. Great work

  3. Cheers Merv and Luke, I wasn’t really too sure about this one, but had to get something from the long walk down the river.
    Luke you’re getting some awesome stuff over in Canada.

  4. Nope she good I recon! Has the lot, fore ground, logs in the thirds, she’s a ripper Jamie!


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