Josh Sheehan – Freestyle MXer.

Whether or not you like the sport, Freestyle MX riders deserve a lot of respect. They might be a little bit crazy, but what these boys do on an MX bike is quite amazing, literally.

I recently had the opportunity to shoot a mate recently at his home compound in Donnybrook. , this fella being Josh Sheehan.

I first met Josh when he was about 15. I was playing footy at Donnybrook at the time, and I used to see this young fella tearing up the training track. He was playing juniors at the time but used to come and train with the seniors. He was pretty quiet, and seemed a bit shy but you could tell he had the ability, and even for a kid his strength and stamina was second to none. I think it was just the stable he came from.

I knew he was into motorcross, but didn’t realise how far that would go. Because I was away up north, I sort of lost touch a little, until I got an invite to his Facebook Group Page.

Now a little about Josh.

Josh is 23, was brought up on the family farm in Donnybrook, South West W.A. He started riding as a kid, got his first MX bike at age 14 and started racing at 17. He did some freestyle riding with some mates for fun, and by the end of ’06 had learnt to do a flip. Josh entered his first FMX comp in early ’07, and crashed out, but felt there was enough there to pursue it further. He practiced for the Narrogin Revheads later that year, and came 3rd. In 2008 he got a sponsorship deal with Woodstock Honda Thor Race team, and then later that year stopped working to focus entirely on freestyle.

Josh’s biggest trick is the ruler flip, but his fave is the whip. He simply loves the challenge of the sport, improving on his ability and learning new tricks. Josh wants to travel the world and compete in the big FMX Comps.

Josh’s sponsors are;

Woodstock Honda Thor Race Team –

Valyside Clothing –

Osiris Shoes –

Dragon –

Anyway, I wish Josh all the best for the future, hopefully a crash and injury free one.

Here’s a few photos from that shoot where Josh rode solid for about 3 hours, performing trick after trick. If anyone hasn’t watched these boys do FMX live, you have to. You will walk away astounded, at how crazy these boys really are, but you will have an appreciation of the skill and talent these boys possess. I still believe they all have a case of Massiveballitis!!


Forgot to mention, all shot with the Nikon D3 and D700, 14-24 f2.8. 70-200 f2.8 and 200-400 f4.

Ruler Flip


~ by Jamie Nicolaou on December 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “Josh Sheehan – Freestyle MXer.”

  1. mate Josh is a bit loopy, but at 23 you can be. Great pics.

  2. He must be a bit mad…..just a little.
    Cheers Peter.

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