Now I think we all have that special story about a pet that was a part of our lives, the joy they brang, their personality, just the general things that pets do. You would think they were human at times.

Now Kazza was a replacement for Zak, who we lost after he was baited back in ’95, the night before I moved away to Perth. So with an empty house, and no dog, mum lasted a week before she wanted another. So off to Boyup Brook to check out a litter. Out of 13, one stood out. While all the others were laying all over each other, there was one in particular who stood up and took notice of who was checking them out, and with those big blue eyes staring my parents in the eye, who would not want to take her??

So that was it, she was off to the farm.

Some 14 years later, the time had come, she’d had a couple strokes and her back end (knees) had gone from years of playing ball and chasing cows. So now she’s resting and had given us years of fun and laughter. It still seems strange 3 months later when she’s not running out to welcome you when you go to mum and dad’s.

Out of all of this, I captured probably my favourite portrait. Taken about 3 years ago, I knew I had one chance, because she hated flashes, she would think it was lightning, and she definitely wasn’t a fan of storms. It captures her relaxing on her bed, and she did this a lot, and loved it. In winter she would get covered up with blankets everynight, she was spoilt!! This photo now takes pride of place on the kitchen wall at mum and dad’s, and those big blue eyes follow you eveywhere.



~ by Jamie Nicolaou on December 8, 2009.

4 Responses to “Kazza”

  1. Hi Jamie,

    Nice work…great shot and a heart moving story! We lost our 2 favorite dogs a few years ago with a couple of months of each other. A pure bread Border Collie and a Pure bread Shepard.

    We now have a couple of Akitas but they have never replaced the other 2 dogs who were very special.

    Your other shots on your blog are also great. I particularly like the sequence shot of the motor bike. How did you do that? By blending all the shots together in photoshop?

    I have linked you up to my blog now as well!


    True North Mark

  2. Hey Mark…cheers for the comments.

    Yeah it’s always hard losing a pet, especially one that has been around for a while. I had to use some fill flash for this shot and as soon as I took the shot, she curled up and hid like it was a flash of lightning…….lucky I nailed it in one.

    The sequence is quite simple really. Just layered and blended the images in Photoshop. Just pick the background layer you want and then blend away. I think I shot at around 7 fps, which gave it pretty much a spot on distance between each shot. first time I’d done a sequence so I was happy with it.

    Cheers for the link up to Mark, much appreciated.

  3. Hi Jamie, great story and image. Your right these animals that are in our lives for so long are part of us. Great shot one your family will treasure for ever.

    Cheers mate


  4. Cheers David. They certainly do leave a void when they go.

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