Dean Ferris – Super X Perth

Thought this young fella deserved a mention on here, seeing he went through the trouble and pain of breaking his wrist for the camera!! Just part of a sequence I caught at Super-X in Perth.

This rider is Dean Ferris. I’m positive an East Coast rider, but not 100% sure. He is one of the up and coming riders on the national circuit, and was riding in the Pro-Lites class of the Super X Series.

Practice and qualitfying was held earlier in the day, and gives the riders some time to get used to the track and find their race lines. One section of the track which was quite tricky, and turned out to be rather dangerous, was the whoops section coming out of the first corner. The whoops section, before being toned down before the main event, was extremely harsh, especially with the depth of the ruts and the sharpness on the top of the whoops. Everyone was pretty cautious to start off with, but after some pretty heavy crashes, it was deemed the section too dangerous. So out came the bobcats, where they took a fair bit of dirt off the tops and flattened them out quite a bit.

Now for those moto-x riders out there (I’m not one of them, although have ridder a bit) everyone knows the trick to riding whoops successfully. It basically involves having the balls, and skill to get the bike on top of the section at speed, and hold a straight line . Just watch Chad Reed for a demonstration!! Many a rider has come to grief on these section, myself included!!

Anyway, this is about Dean Ferris, who came off 2nd best at the Super-X in Perth. Here’s hoping his recovery went well and that he’s back on his bike!!


~ by Jamie Nicolaou on December 10, 2009.

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