The Great Fly Face Off

Now to a subject that, come early summer, are the most annoying little buggers I know!! Who would think that something so small could be so annoying. They get in your eyes, your ears, they even get stuck in the curly mop on my head I call hair. They always seem to get in the corner of your eyes when the bowler is approaching the crease!! Nothing is worse though when you inhale, and the dirty little bastard finds his was in, and tries to make you choke on your own saliva! Nothing gives more pleasure than to spit out (I know disgusting) that fly, and watch him drown in your saliva on the ground. I honestly think it’s more pleasure for the fly knowing he has come from a cow’s bottom, only to give you  a taste of it! so next time you swallow a fly, try not to think of where it’s come from…………yuck!!

  More for a bit of a laugh, but I was out trying to shoot some caterpillars which were devouring the leaves on my grape vines. I was shooting a caterpillar when there were a couple of flies hanging around. As I lined up the macro lens, this one turned to me and stood his ground, as if to say,” piss off buddy, this is my vine!!”

In a photographic sense, I like the simple composition leading from the bottom left hand corner, and it wasn’t cropped either!!

Shot using the D3 and a Nikkor 105mm Macro. I was losing light, so I shot at ISO1600, 1/320th sec at f4.8. This is a Jpeg stright out of  the camera. It was pretty tricky as it was also windy, so I was pushing the proverbial up a hill with a pointy stick!!

Get out the mortein………….

This photo was of, probably his brother, or sister, who knows. He/she was cleaning/grooming, whatever a fly does. Seems when it darkens off they’re not a shy, probably unless you reach for the fly spray!!


~ by Jamie Nicolaou on December 13, 2009.

4 Responses to “The Great Fly Face Off”

  1. Noice, Nico, very sharp.

  2. Cheers Chiz. It’s so hard to get that critical focus point, as it was a little windy and I had it wide open. I’m happy with the shots though!!

  3. These are unreal Jamie, so so sharp you could shave with them!


  4. Cheers David……not too bad for high iso!!

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