Charles Knife Gorge

Just going through some older pics….sort of before I knew what was going on!!

This photo was taken at Easter this year.

Tegan flew up for a few days, I weazeled my way out off the gas plant for 5 days, and we were off like brides nighties down to Exmouth for the Easter weekend.

We headed straight down to the Ningloo Resort, pretty impressive place that is, 5 star luxury……for one night only!! Then it was 5 star swag luxury for the rest of the weekend.

Everyone that visits exmouth seems to talk about Ningaloo Reef, the Whale Sharks, Manta Rays and the fishing. Don’t get me wrong, all these things are awesome (although I haven’t swum with whale sarks or mantas!!), but a couple of places that don’t get enough credit or promoted that much, is Charles Knife Gorge and Shothole Canyon. For those of you who have visited these places, I’m sure you would agree, to those who have been to Exmouth and not visited these areas, shame, shame, shame…..

This particular shot I quite like, except for the powerlines, and I’m shithouse at cloning, but they are a part of the landscape there so they can stay!! Tegan and myself pulled up in a parking bay, and as I peered over the cliff and down the groge, I knew I had to be on this particular rock ledge, but how to get there, the fun was about to begin. We drove to a car park further up the road, loaded up and began to walk. Some 40 odd minutes later I found this cool lookout, a small ledge, with a 30 metre sheer cliff either side, this wasn’t where this photo was taken, but it gave Tegan a few laughs. I’d set up the tripod and was just setting things up, when all of a sudden I’d felt the sudden impact of a million little bastard ants biting the hell out of me, and yes my shorts were filled with ants, and no, I wasn’t free wheeling, thank god!! I couldn’t tell you what dance it was, but not advisable on the edge of a cliff. Rule number one, check for ants nest before taking a seat!!

So it was off for another walk to find a different location, and this is what I came across. Hopefully if you’ve read this far you will like the photo………because I endured filling my shorts up with ants to get you this!!!



~ by Jamie Nicolaou on December 21, 2009.

8 Responses to “Charles Knife Gorge”

  1. Cracker shot mate…and I agree, if all you know of Ningaloo are oversized sharks, sand and sunburn, you dont know the place!

  2. Nice one Jamie.

    A good story to go with it mate , and I’ve been a victim of the unseen ants nest as well, sort of spoils your day a bit!!!

  3. Cheers Graham……yeah it’s a pretty special place. Then the next day wen to Turquoise Bay for a snorkel and relax on the beach, and it blew it’s ring out and was shithouse!!

    And merv, I think everyone’s been a victim….made Tegan’s day, she had a laugh watching me dance and slapping ants!!

  4. I like it mate! Nice tones and the colours work really well. Good composition as well.



  5. Great image Jamie, um yes well NEXT time I go there…………..

  6. You been to Exmouth David, how many times? Shame on you……..

  7. Really nice image, mate. Nice light, and well processed.

  8. Cheers Beau, thanks for the visit.

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