Barrens Beach

Dropped by Barrens Beach as we drove through the Fitzgerald River National Park this morning. There was an almighty stench as we go out of the car, and found out it was a rotting humpback carcass on the beach, not me for a change, a little on the nose.

Well there are some nice rocks around Barrens Beach, but as it was around lunch time I thought I’d try the 10 stop nd again………what do you think??


~ by Jamie Nicolaou on January 3, 2010.

9 Responses to “Barrens Beach”

  1. Hwy Jamie,

    you have been on a roll buddy!

    I really like all of these recent posts and especially the sand dunes ones.

    The clouds in this image are awesome as well.

    Way to go mate!

  2. Thanks for the nice comments Mark.

    I like the dune ones too, something about sand dunes, maybe it’s an obsession!!! Got a few panos which are really having truble stitching, lots of manual stuff I think.

    Hope you had a great new year Mark, cheers for dropping by.

  3. Nice shot Jamie… I have shot with the 10 stop ND for about 8 years. First on film. Great piece of gear.

  4. This is one of my favorite places to shoot Jamie. Great shot and great sky mate.
    Happy 2010!

  5. Cheers Matt and Dave.
    It’s nice down there Dave, but we did a drive through on the way from Hopetoun to Albany, definitely found some awesome places this last week, will definitely be going back to visit.

  6. Sensational Nicco, one of ur best. Makes day time shooting a joy by the looks of things.

  7. Loven the effects in your shots with this filter Jamie, gonna have to get me one I think. Where did you get yours ?

  8. Cheers Hodgy. I got mine from Camera Electronics, so give Howard or Saul a call and I’m sure they’ll sort it out for you no dramas.There’s a link on my blogroll to their blog.

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