More Dunes!!

Well I finally got around to stitching a pano of the dunes at Wylie Bay in Esperance.  I kinda like this one, although I had to make it a 4 to 1 format. It just didn’t look right as a traditional 3 to 1.

These sand dunes allow recreational activity, ie : motorbikes, quads, 4wdrives, which is fine, otherwise I wouldn’t have got these without the 4by. Although I do wish people were more careful, especially around blind corners, as I nearly ended up with the leader of a pack of about 8 bikes on my bonnet!! Also the fact we nearly got lost, trying to find your way out of somewhere unfamiliar after the sun has gone down, was good fun though, Tegan wasn’t so impressed, until I found my way to the beach!! Enough of the dribble, here’s the photo!!


~ by Jamie Nicolaou on January 7, 2010.

18 Responses to “More Dunes!!”

  1. One of your best mate. Not sure I like the sky but then what the heck would I know.

  2. very surreal Nicco, I love the colors, just reckon the clouds on the left throw the balance of the image out, maybe you should pray next time for a bit of help form the Big Fella. 😉 Really stunning look about it, i’d have it hanging in my room.

  3. Holy crap mate that is bloody awesome!!! Love it.

  4. Cheers Guys.
    I wasn’t sure about the sky either, but I did shoot it when those colours were there, so not much I can do.
    Chiz, I tried a 3 to 1 crop but it didn’t work, and my clone tool doesn;t work so the clouds had to stay, I like the line of the dune though, and there’s still windblown tracks from the bikes and 4wdrives!!
    Cheers David, glad someone thinks it’s awesome!!!!

  5. Looks good from here, 1st time visiting your blog and was welcomed with a nice image!
    Get some more up! 🙂

  6. Jamie this is a great pic and the Glenoran Farm is pretty awesome to. Hey, I even like the avocado shots. Great work. The ND filters you just bought how do you rate them and did you get them from CE?

    • Hey Peter, thanks for dropping by and the nice comments.
      The ND I did buy from CE, as far as rating it, I’m not totally sure. The photos posted were only jpegs straight out of the camera, now I’m back home I might play with the raw files. They definitely warm the image, as the ones posted were shot with the daylight WB setting, and at 24 mm there was definite vignetting. As far as the ability to get long exposures in broad daylight, it’s a thumbs up. When I get some more time I’ll have a go at the raws and make my mind up. Pretty positive so far though I reckon!!

  7. Cracker shot mate! You are on fire lately!

  8. Thanks Mark…..not as much as you though!!

  9. It’s all been said before, but fantastic colour and contrast.

  10. Nice mate, love it, the sky is pretty cool.

  11. Stunning shot! I love the detail throughout the image. Very nice work!

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