Just Some MX

Just thought I’d post a few photos from a day out at the Bunbury MX Club on a rather wet day last September. It was a very gloomy day, which isn’t too bad for even lighting, but the colours were a little drab…..well, there weren’t too many colours showing through the mud!! I was dodging rain squalls quite often, and the track in places was a mess, but it makes  for fun shooting, no dust, plenty of roost and plenty of bikes going over. God I love motorcross!!

All shot with the Nikon D3 and the awesome 200-400mm f4 zoom!!

For those who care and may not already know, the Australasian Safari has been signed off to be in W.A for another 3 years……stoked!!

#Click on Image to Enlarge#


~ by Jamie Nicolaou on January 9, 2010.

9 Responses to “Just Some MX”

  1. Hey do you the lens that took these shots Jamie?

  2. Sorry, stick an own in that last comment

    • Ummmm….lots of hours toiling away in the Pilbara heat!! It was a big decision to invest in it but it is such a versatile lens, and with a minimum focus of 2 m, it’s almost like a big macro. It’s sharp, easily handheld and wasn’t a disappointment.

      • Half your luck mate, I would love one of them. I was actually lucky enough to get myself a preloved Nikkor vr 300mm f2.8 last year and same story, The results are just outstanding every time I get to use it.

  3. Nice mate. I actually want to get a 600mm for shooting wildlife, ricket and surfing!! I’m sure the 300mm is an awesome lens.

  4. Sweet shots champ.

    You on Safari again this year?

    • Hopefully Graham, it’s definitely on my list to do again, hopefully with a paid gig this year (fingers crossed). I’d like to go to Finke and a few of the other desert races, all depends where I am. How bout you? Back with the Chinese team again??

      • Yeah mate I have been asked back for 2010…dunno if I will accept yet. Got a big 2010 lined up and the Safari, although great fun and good exposure aint worth much at the end of the day.

        I too will be at Finke again this year. Also covering all the WA meets…let me know if you wanna come along, I can get you a media pass.

  5. The safari was awesome, was good for me cause I’d just done over 3 years up north and was a good week to get away and see these guys ride. It all depends to on whether or not I’m down south or back north. I need to put a portfolio together and get it to Octagon, because Mike Ellem was telling me last year they may need another photog or two, because they can’t cover it properly.
    I’ll definitely be keen to do some W.A events if I’m south.

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