Frenchmans Peak

Whilst in Esperance Tegan and myself decided to do the trek to the top of Frenchmans Peak. It was a nice little stroll to the top, albeit bloody windy, but what do you expect in Esperance this time of year. Once at the top you are treated to some awesome 360 degree views of the surrounding areas.

This image is looking toward Cape Le Grand, which later on we realised it was the quick way back to Esperance via the 22km drive along the beach, not the 65km via bitumen.


~ by Jamie Nicolaou on January 10, 2010.

7 Responses to “Frenchmans Peak”

  1. Sweet shot Jamie.

    We didn’t get east of Albany this time went west to Denmark Walpole etc. In Perth for a few days now , then home soon.

    • So did you get some good shot sdown there Merv? I had pretty poor conitions thrown at me down south. And where in the wheatbelt is home to you?

      • I may have snapped a couple of half decent shots ,I’ll know when they go up on the big screen when we get home I guess. Not good conditions but we had a good look around as we hadn’t been that way for a few years.

        I’m in the Avon Valley at Northam , and glad to be away from there lately as is been rather warm up there.

  2. You didnt find my hat perchance…lost it on top in 2006….

  3. Viva La France, nice image Jamie.

  4. I nearly lost my cap up there too Graham, pretty bloody windy!!
    Cheers Dave. was a middle of the day shot, just to get one from the top!!

  5. Great shot Jamie!

    Well done again!

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