Ashburton River

This shot was taken last Easter on the way back to Karratha from Exmouth. We’d stopped at the Nanutarra Roadhouse for a rediculously pricey drink and something to eat and a bit of a break, and upon seeing the awesome clouds in the sky, thought it might be worth a look down the river. So with thongs on feet and camera in hand, I headed off through the possibly snake infested 4 foot tall grass to get to the edge of the river bank, only to find the water almost like glass. I fired off a few rounds and then thought about the walk back, only to have  my mind playing games that there may be a snake waiting for me on the way back to the car. So with thong clad feet stomping rather stupidly to put my mind at ease, I made it safely to the car, only to have the other 260km of bitumen back to Karratha to look forward to.

Here’s the pic!!

Cheers, Jamie


~ by Jamie Nicolaou on January 11, 2010.

3 Responses to “Ashburton River”

  1. Nice pic mate I love the colour in the sky with the clouds and very clear and sharp image nice indeed.

  2. Another great image Jamie. Yes I too have been stung at Nautarra! Old mate guides me to the Premium fuel pump and starts filling, only about two buck a litre!

  3. Always sharp Brett, well try to be!!

    Yeah they not bad. We paid $2.21 a litre for diesel on the way to Coral Bay in Oct 08′, now that’s being stung!!

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