Do You Know This Man??

There was this strange creature that I saw on the Australasian Safari. It used to hide behind trees, shrubs, logs, whatever it could find, and then upon being approached by a fast moving motorcycle or car, it would come out of it’s hiding place and take photographs, and then quickly hide again! It was a strange being, inhabiting a SWB Turbo GQ Patrol, which in itself indicates it is a confused being, what we believe to be a Landcruiser lover in denial!! Do you recognise this being? I believe it answers to the name Graham……..

(Narrated by Sir David Attenborough)

Will we see you there again this year Graham??


~ by Jamie Nicolaou on January 20, 2010.

3 Responses to “Do You Know This Man??”

  1. Hahaha…Gold, pure GOLD. Good times!

    The old couple in the last image were classic, they owned the property and had rode a motor bike around the world when they were young. The old chap just kept shaking his head and commenting on how good it was to see young folk having so much fun!

    I was putting a lot of faith in that tree in the first two images! I had a very close call this year on the offroad racing scene….did get a cover out of it though 🙂

    Yes, I am confirmed for 2010 safari…going to be one heck of a big year for me!!

    • I was digging through the safari photos last night and came across these, thought you’d have a laugh!!
      So you with the Chinese team again??

      • Yeah good stuff, thanks for posting those. Always interesting to see yourself working.

        Chinese team, ummm, sort of yes…….I might double dip this year, if that makes sense. Heading to China end of Feb for media meeting with the Tigers, all will be confirmed for the whole year then and there.

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