Carus Thompson & Nathan Gaunt

Popped down to the Prince of Wales Hotel in Bunbury last night to see one of my favorite artists, Carus Thompson. (Carus & The True Believers).

Carus has teamed up with Nathan Gaunt for a couple of gigs as part of Carus’ “Farewell To Oz” tour. These two really work well together with their blues/rock/folk sounds. Gaunt played solo followed by Thompson, and then they played together to really finish off the show. I’ve seen Thompson play a number of times, at the Bridgetown Blues, Leeuwin Estate and the Prince. His shows are always entertaining and full of energy. This was the first time I’ve seen Nathan Gaunt play, but guarantee I’ll be going back to see him play again.

You can check their websites and keep in touch with upcoming shows/releases.

Carus Thompson

Nathan Gaunt

Hope you enjoy the photos. It was a very dark venue, with little ambient light, but I was happy as I was able to utilise the available light to really isolate my subjects. All shot with the D3 at ISO 3200 using the new Nikon 70-200 VR II.

(Click images to enlarge)

Make sure you get down to check out these guys if they’re playing near you and support independent artists!!


~ by Jamie Nicolaou on January 22, 2010.

12 Responses to “Carus Thompson & Nathan Gaunt”

  1. This time the pics are overlapping each other , not sure why that happens some times.

    Shots look good though.

  2. Nice stuff Jamie. Low light with that D3 is wild!

    Images are under each other on my Mac. Looks fine.

  3. Cheers David……I changed the layout so should be all good.

  4. Great Pics mate they the D3 does an amazing job in low light thats for sure and accompanied with the new 70-200 they have come out really good mate well done.

  5. Cheers Brett.

  6. Caught them in Gero last week. Big night….oh boy! Been a fan of both for many years, was a thrill to see them on stage together.

    • Carus is always good to ee, but I’d never seen Nathan Gaunt before, his voice sort of reminds me of Jeff Buckley at times. So you weren’t too healthy the next day?? Thought we might have seen you on True North yesterday!!

      • Yeah carus goes back a while, some big nights in freo, as does Nathan…he actually played one night at my birthday party in freo (not for me of course, just a fluke). Yep, was a messy night and an even messier morning!

        Nah mate, boats aint my thing and I hate flying in helicopters, getting paid to be in them is one thing but I sure as hell aint paying to be in one!

  7. Gee mate, I thought you’d be into anything……as long as your feet are on dry land huh??

    • Yeah no I am mate, just spent 7 days travelling through the desert in 48 degree heat for a photo shoot, good times…but I gotta say, spending a motsa to sip wanky drinks aboard an oversized boat just aint my style. Each to their own though, it just aint for me 🙂

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