True North Oz Day

Well we’re all back on dry land, (some happier than others), still swaying a little and still laughing over some of the days events.

Tegan and myself  had a great day on the True North. Our thanks must go out to Christian and Mark for organising the day, was a great concept and sure it will happen again. Listening to all the pros was great, being able to take in different views and aspects about their work was great. If you didn’t get anything out of the day there is something wrong.

While most decided to go over to the island and shoot photos (some for a beer Merv!!), we decided to stay on the boat and enjoy the surrounds while there was less people on board. The boat is magnificent, and the crew just work so hard at making sure everyone is comfortable. It’s a credit to Mark and his crew, well done.

Now for a pic, I didn’t get a lot, just a couple, but who knows, I may have  the shot to take out the tripod!! I was just looking for textures and patters on the boat, but we’ll see how they go later.

The photo in question, well, will I upset anyone? Maybe. Do I care? Maybe!!  I was just showing (teasing) David Sobik, Leigh Diprose and Michael Lee the low light capabilities of the D3 and the new 70-200VR II. I saw Leigh’s cap, seemingly hanging in the darkness but somewhat in the spotlight, shining bright on the Canon logo, but for how long??  The dabate still rages over Nikon or Canon, Canon or Nikon, which way do you go? Now I know Christian has been somewhat divided since having some Nikon gear back in his hands, and hiding behind his blog has questioned his loyalty to Canon, but upon me questioning him in front of 50 people about Nikon or Canon, he simply shut up shop and said there was no time left…….was I disappointed, absolutely!!!  You can run but you can’t hide Christian…….I could see the nervousness when asked the question……(All in fun by the way)

Shot with the D3 at Iso 3200 and the 70-200 VR II at f2.8 & 1/1250th sec.

All in all had a great day on the True North, was great to put some faces to names but unfortunately didn’t get to meet everyone, next time.


~ by Jamie Nicolaou on January 27, 2010.

8 Responses to “True North Oz Day”

  1. G’day Jamie – should’ve introduced myself but sorry I didn’t. Yeah there was a bit to pull out of each speaker’s talk. Not sure how many of the guests were bloggers – next time might have to have our blog avatars as badges.

  2. Myself too Muzz, probably should’ve into’d myself too. Sounds like a good idea, although looking at yours at the moment!! haha.
    I still think those who came along for the ride just enjoyed being on the boat!!

  3. Happy times Jamie. Loved the look on Leigh’s face when you showed him this image! I could see gears in motion!

    No chance to do any of mine yet. Left my camera in Narrogin so had to turn back and get it!! What a idiot!

    Nice to have met Tegan as well.


  4. Good day alright.

    Catch up again I’m sure.

  5. Mate fantastic shot! I was surprised that it didn’t break the lens!
    I’m seriously considering the Nikon after seeing your shot. Were the cogs that obvious David?

    It will hurt a lot to change over…not to mention the flack that I would receive….who knows….I might even get a mac!

  6. hmmm, Jamie, no comment! hehe, now have I told you about phase one.

  7. Thanks Jamie

    It was great to see everyone having a great time!


    True North Mark

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