Koombana Bay Jetty

So, there was this bloke named Jamie, who thought the clone tool in his photoshop was broken, because everytime he tried to use it, it said “unable to use clone stamp tool due to program error”, the only program error was in my brain!! Alt + right click to sample, stupid!! So now I can repair dodgy stitchmarks, now that I realised it’s not broken, still can’t believe it!!

Anyway, I took this when I had the 21mm Zeiss lens to play with, went down to Koombana Bay. Thought the sky was interesting, but the colours never really popped like I was hoping. Anyway, I was able to fix the stitch marks in the water because now I know how to use the clone tool…….


~ by Jamie Nicolaou on January 28, 2010.

7 Responses to “Koombana Bay Jetty”

  1. Hey Jamie, thats something a Nikon user should never admit to even if it is true, Come on man get it together , You might make us look inferior. Ha Ha.
    Love the clouds in this pic .

  2. Mate I try and be honest, most of the time. I just look in the mirror and say “Hello stupid”!! Thought it might get a laugh as it’s a true story!!
    Clouds were nice, didn’t live up to expectations though!!
    Cheers for dropping by.

  3. Nice one Jamie, yes I too have though things don’t work only to check like opacity is on 10% or something silly!



  4. Or brush is wrong colour…….amateurs we are!! Or when fletch creates an action to save all his raws to tiffs in camera raw, when you can just select all and save images…….I had to laugh that I actually taught him something!!

  5. Cracker of a shot champ, clouds are fantastic.

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