Bunker Bay

I’ve been on the Bunker Bay workshop with Christian Fletcher and Nick Rains over the weekend with ten other enthusiastic photographers. We visited Sugarloaf Rock before sunrise on Saturday morning, to be welcomed by clear skies, howling wind and lots of mossies!!

However, Saturday evening saw us around the Shelley Cove area of Bunker Bay, and with a few clouds blowing in from the south I was keenly watching for the change in light. I’d already selected my composition, so as the light changed I legged it into position, and came up with this.

Now I can’t take all the credit, as CF gave me a little help in post production, including using illuminosity masks.

I Like it……….it’s going up in the front window of CF’s gallery!!

I wasn’t sure that I liked this one as much as this 2nd one, I had shot two panos, and feel the 2nd one was better. What do you think?


~ by Jamie Nicolaou on January 31, 2010.

29 Responses to “Bunker Bay”

  1. Brilliant Jamie, well done mate. Lets hope it sells for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    And thanks again for the call re empty spot, pity I am booked up for pre wedding shoots. NEXT time 100%

    Cheers mate


  2. Should be pretty proud of this pano jamie, Thats bunker bay alright.

  3. Fantastic colour well done! The trees add a lot to the image. Well done!

  4. Nice shot Jamie , Awesome!.Would have loved to have came to that workshop hopefully next time.

  5. yes it was the pic of the workshop Jamie, thanks for coming along we had a ball.

    • Thanks Christian, Had a ball to, and the introduction to painting with light at night was pretty cool as well, will definitely try that again. Once again thanks for the weekend and for sharing your knowledge.

  6. Was nice to meet ya on the weekend Jamie. Funny how I’ve been watching your blog since you started it and didn’t put two and two together that it was you on the weekend. Christian actually told me that you were “the Jamie Nicolaou”.

    P.S. I agree with Christian above!

    • Hey Ric, thanks for dropping by. Was also great to meet you, always enjoy meeting new people, although I didn;t get to spend as much time as I would have liked to with everyone, and learning more about each person.
      I’m not sure about “The Jamie Nicolaou”, maybe it’s to do with that half feral bloke with the mop on his head from the bush!! haha. Nah was an awesome weekend, looking forward to shooting more now. Need to see you get a blog up now Ric, it’s a great way to learn.

  7. One of your very best mate. I prefer the second shot over the first but both are ball busters.

  8. Not much in it but yes the second one is better.

    Very nice image jamie.

    What size Eizo do you have ?

  9. Nice work Jamie…both good but the second one is better I reckon!

  10. An Eizo is a monitor.

  11. The new Imacs pretty good , i ‘ve got the previous 24 in model.

    Brilliant screen but bloody bright, you’ve got to wind them down a bit.

    • I’ve heard they’re good. I will use the Eizo for processng photos, and prob just get shades to turn the brightness down, should be good having some processing power though!!

      • Yeah i have shades on mine which is ok , but you have the Eizo for image PP so you won’t need shades on the mac , but you’ll need glasses in about 5 years time after the mac has burnt your eye’s.

        I’ve got the munki also.

  12. best you get a colour monkey dude!

  13. Hi Jamie. My money is on the second shot. How are you going to keep track of the number of images CF sells?

  14. Mate I wish it was good enough to hang in CF’s gallery!! He hasn’t shot this composition before, so I might have given him an idea!!

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