Triton Hill

Another image I found in the bottom of the barrel. It’s the good ‘ol Triton, which used to crawl it’s way up the Karratha Hills on a regular basis. I know it’s a Shitsubishi, and I am really a Toyota man, but this girl has served me well, so far.


~ by Jamie Nicolaou on February 3, 2010.

13 Responses to “Triton Hill”

  1. As you know, I work in the industry mate and I have found that a Tuff Truck that never gets used is totally worthless, however a good ol Triton that gets ya were ya wanna go is worth its weight in gold!

    Great photo!

  2. Why would you buy a cruiser when it’s about 10 or 12 grand more than a triton. Everyone buys toyota because of the name! My good old Triton has nearly 200 000 on the clock and still going strong!

    • Everyone buys a Toyota because they are the best!! I had a two Hiluxes before the Triton, and they never missed a beat, well, the first one did, when a tree jumped out in front of it, but I didn’t see it, I was asleep at the time!! The triton has had a few issues, the ones I never saw with a Toyota. The old boy just got a new cruiser ute last year, I want one of those!!

  3. I’ve had a few Toyota’s and liked them but when I changed to a dual cab I bought a Rodeo because it had more room in the back seat and the new Hilux was about 10 mnths away.I had a great run out of that one so I’ve just bought the new Colorado and it’s great.

    I think the Hilux’s have lost the toughness and they’ve turned into a bit of town buggy.

    No doubting the toughness of the Landcruiser but I have no need for one.

  4. You’re definitely right abouth the Hilux, that’s why I bought the Triton, as I didn’t like the look of the new Hilux. Glad you like the Colorado. Have they fixed the issue with the engine noise inside the cab? I just remember how noisy rodeos were.

    • Yeah the early one’s were a bit loud. This is a whole new engine, common rail, 120kw as opposed to the 90 odd kw in the last one.
      The Isuzu motors are a bit of a rattler but as tough as an Ox,
      This one is no problem though, no noise at all.

      • Oh yeah , the Colorado is a lot cheaper than a Hilux as well.

      • I know what you’re saying about a lot cheaper, does come down to dollars and sense sometimes, but some of us don’t have much sense!!
        So is the shop all settled now? Are you just enjoying life for now?? I’m contemplating heading down to Yeagerup, to shoot some more dunes, I should be installing a new valve on the irrgstion, but that can wait till the arvo!!

  5. Another nice one Jamie. Yep my OLD Hilux, 20 years, has 383500 km on it same clutch, never been apart, touch wood!!


  6. There sure is something about the Toyota’s though Jamie I myself have had a cruiser and they are as tough as nails they go to the end of the world and back again and trusty old girl certainly did that down south and now owning a Mitsubishi myself I miss the solidness that is for sure but the Pajero sure has not missed a beat and goes anywhere I point it so far anyway.
    Great pic’s to mate keep up the great work I think I may have to get myself along to one of CF’s workshops someday aswell.

    • You wanna try and get along to the workshops, you will benefit from it.

      • Yeah I would really like to have gone to the Bunker Bay one I saw the position available but was saturday morning when I saw it lil to late hey but hopefully I will get along to one soon well when ever the next one is I will sure trying to get onto it anyway.

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