Yeagerup Sunset

I’ve just spent a bit of time on this one (mainly because my laptop is a lazy fricken thing) and think it has come up alright. Used luminosity masks to pull me out of the shit, but I’m happy with the end result.


~ by Jamie Nicolaou on February 5, 2010.

24 Responses to “Yeagerup Sunset”

  1. Very nice indeed mate love the colors you got out of it and the definition in the sand looks great well done indeed.

  2. You the man! Like like the King of Sand Dune’s Man!

    Thats it I am taking old Betsy out to our dunes!!

  3. That is classic Dave, Jamie is the King of Dunes for sure he is inspiring me to get some dune shots to now!!!

  4. Hey , nice one Jamie , i like it.

    My only nit pic is the sky is a bit blown ,

    Do you have a set of grads?

    • I was actually shooting in the opposite direction, and only had a 2 stop grad in, but didn’t take the time to change. I just quickly recomposed and shot rather quickly before I lost the light.

  5. These are a great series of shots Jamie. Like them a lot.

  6. Nice one Jamie,

    The Viniette works better on this one!

  7. Are the Kennedy’s gunshy Jamie!…that is a big 10-4 big buddy!

    I have M.r Flemming Bo Jensen with me this weekend!

    • You’re probably sending comments from the bow are you?
      I haven’t met Flemming, but I believe he’s been everywhere man!!
      There should be a bit of cloud action around for you this weekend, there’s plenty down here.

  8. Nah not quite mate…tomorrow morning we set off!

    Yes, I reckon this weekend is shaping up pretty well for us Photogs eh!

  9. You bet Jamie…stay tuned mate…just put up another post on the blog if you’re interested!

  10. Hey Jamie, great series of images. The sunset image with the dune plants has an attractive balance. Great composition Cheers Adrian

  11. Hey Jamie the top ones my fav but they are all good.

  12. Cracker of a shot champ…the only way I could possibly make it better would be to see a turbo charged SWB Patrol entering from camera right, throwing 30 foot rooster tails 🙂

  13. Just checked out your blog mate, love some of the stuff you’ve got on here! I like this one in particular, sweet colours!

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