Bunbury Inner Boat Harbour

This shot was taken back in August last year (I think). I woke up early, looked outside, saw it was still, looked back at the bed, Tegan was there with me……..so I got up and went to shoot some photos!! Silly you say, probably, but I managed to get a half decent shot. I kept the cool tones in the image, as it was bloody freezing, and considering I’d just moved back after 3 years up North, I was pretty cold!!

Anyway, thought I’d break all the rules and have the jetty smack in the middle of the image.


~ by Jamie Nicolaou on February 8, 2010.

32 Responses to “Bunbury Inner Boat Harbour”

  1. Now lets not go breaking to many rules mate haha nice pic good composition and I actually like the cool tones as well.

  2. I reckon the central jetty works well mate! You are good at using grads I have noticed as well…very effective!

    I would have tried to ‘have my cake and eat it’…raced out and got the shot and then come back for a snuggle…:)

    • Hey Mark……you just never know what the next day is gonna bring, so you gotta go out and shoot!! haha. I think I did go home and have a snuggle, or did I go straight to work on the images??
      Cheers for the comment.

  3. Very nice Jamie. No waves to blend here. (darn that clone tool…)


  4. I would have stayed in bed and gone out tomorrow. 🙂

  5. I quite like that the jetty is in the middle it draw you in. rules are meant to be broken.

  6. Blow it up big and hang it high. Cracker shot.

  7. Wow that is just rude, copying one of WA’s leading photographers same image of Bunbury that has been around for years. Chance vantage point images are fair enough but not the exact same composition mate! You should be ashamed…… You didn’t break the rules of photography Jamie, you broke the rules on being a real photographer.

  8. Well Mr. Anonymous, who ever you are…here is my take on your poor taste of comment!

    Non of us own a perspective and take places like Kings Park for instance. If we all obeyed your rediculous point of view then once one perspective of Kings Park was done, then that would be it.

    Reality is that the light and mood changes for each area every day and therefore why should Jamie have to go somewhere new if he felt that this was the best perspective.

    I think that you are the rude one buddy, seeing as you don’t have the guts to come out and show who you are!

    I for one like Jamies shot here…have never seen the other shot you are referring to and is probably because it is your photo and it is hidden away somewhere!

    I go down that way often, and your comment has just encouraged me to go shoot it in this exact location…just coz I can!!

    If you feel inclined to carry on the debate…take the mask off mate!

    True North Mark

  9. It is not my photo I am just an observor of photography and probably a way too loyal fan. I apologize for my comment….

  10. Apology accepted!

    Sorry if I was a bit hard!

  11. Hey Mr Anon,

    Dead keen to see your take on the same location champ.

    Judging from the above comment and the fact that you must be a “real” photographer, Im betting its an award winner!

  12. thanks Jamie for the view, I haven’t seen a good shot of Bunbury till now. I’ll be heading there soon to get this pic also for my collection. Did you have a gps so I can get it exactly right?

    Who is this leading WA photographer? It isn’t me, so that only leaves……..

  13. Rachuel, I take it that is your name, as it’s on the email attached to your comment. I do apologize, and could you please apologise to Ben for me, but I didn’t realise photographers could put a patent on a certain location.

    Maybe this could be the start of a great competition, to see who can get the best light on this composition.

    Rachuel, I do realise you are not just an abserver, but the wife of a well renowned photographer, Mr BJK, I think everyone here knows who Ben is, and yes, Ben has a stunning photo of this. But to say I copied this composition, come on, please, it is there staring at you.

    If Ben would like to catch up, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    Kindest regards.

  14. Might come down on the weekend and get this shot myself , before it’s off limits. !!!!

    Named and shamed I’d say. 🙂

    • Come down Merv, I’ll even come out with you.

      I think it’s time for a competition, what do you think?? Over the next couple of months, we should see who can capture this image, and the winner I reckon can have their marron for free when I organise the camping weekend down the farm. Sound good??

  15. Jamie, Yes the truth is revealed and almost always does.

    After having a really bad day, I only got my back up when you made the claim that it was ‘your’ idea to break the rules of photography by putting the jetty in the middle when I know you have seen Ben’s image first. – Hell this all sounds pathetically trivial now. Then again the image is special to us as it has been part of our brand and advertising for many years. I just assumed it would be respected somewhat, especially by you, since we know of each other through Tegan.

    I truly apologize for the harshness of my comments and appreciate that no one really owns an image. If you knew the story of Ben’s past and could see the kindness and respect he continues to have for other photographers and their work, you would perhaps understand why I get so protective of him and our livelihood.

    Right now I am obviously in a lot of trouble with my husband and If there is any way you could remove the comments it would be greatly appreciated. You are all welcome to come into the gallery (except for the spies that don’t introduce themselves! – yes, ironic I know). Ben would love to be a part of this blogging circle eventually that’s if I haven’t completely stuffed it for him 😦 .

    Say a big hello to Tegan for me!!! I hope she is not too upset about this. So sorry again.

    Kindest regards,

    Rachuel K

  16. Rachuel, firstly, by me saying and I quote ” thought I’d break all the rules and have the jetty smack in the middle of the image” does not state that I claim it was my idea, and secondly, I hadn’t seen Ben’s image of this before I took this shot, it was only afterwards when I actually saw the shot that I had realised it was the same composition. At the end of the day I respect my fellow peers, and hopefully I have the respect of mine. If you read most of my posts, I don’t actually take myself that seriously, I try and make it fun and have a bit of a laugh, I guess I can do that because I don’t rely on it for my income.
    At the end of the day, I love seeing other people’s images from the same areas, as we can learn off each other, that’s what this game is all about.
    At the end of the day, I couldn’t care less about the original comment, I’ve got a pretty thick skin, but when I do get told that I should be ashamed for copying someone elses photos, I get a little offended. You have to remember I’m not from Bunbury, and Ben’s work I have seen has been the stuff he sells in the shop in Karratha, because they also sell my work there.
    Apology accepted, but please in future engage mind before mouth,

    kind regards,

  17. Think I’ll go and shoot this with my new Phase One.

  18. I’m no expert but I really like this image. I haven’t seen it before but I’m guessing I would like the other one too, though I bet they’re not identical and I bet the light is different, maybe time of day, year and certainly post-processing would likely be different. I will probably go looking for this other one and hopefully will be glad that there is more than one to look at rather than being locked into some sort of proprietary ownership of the view and only having the “first” to consider.

    You’ve also handled this really well and been a real gentleman so kudos for that.

    Look forward to keeping a bit more up to date with your blog.

    Cheers, Muzz

    • It’s one of not many com[ostions to shoot around Bunno itself, so it’s really a no brainer, but I do want to shoot it again, and I will.
      I could have gone to town and gone off my nut, but it’s no good for anyone, I like to be dignified and try and be diplomatic about things, as we all have to live in this world.
      And cheers for dropping by, I’d like to keep up with my blog too, but now I’m back working full time I just don’t have the time anymore, but I’m that step closer to some new kit that I’ve been longing for!!

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