Bunbury City Reflections

Got up at 4.30 this morning, no wind, so went to try and get a shot of  the reflections of Bunbury. Not real happy with it  but I’ll post it anyway…….need some big angry storm clouds or something!! Pretty boring really.


~ by Jamie Nicolaou on February 10, 2010.

26 Responses to “Bunbury City Reflections”

  1. 4.30 ?

    • Yep, half 4. Now I’ve just received a phone call that I have to go drop into the new employers office to sign my paperwork, they only just told me it’s in Applecross!!

  2. Absolutely beautiful reflection and a warm blue, Nicely Done!!

  3. Sometimes clean and simple is nice jamie!

    We all look for the drama, but often you get the best comments from the simple ones eh!

  4. Yep you don’t always need biblical clouds to make an image work. As Mark said clean and simple, capture the moment.

  5. Yep, Try it with the 85mm and lose a bit of the foreground, er water, and maybe knock a bit off the width. only my opinion but thats what I would do.


    PS, 85mm f 1.4 ?

    • Yeah, I know this shot could be better, so will shoot it again one day, maybe with the 85. I have a Zeiss 50mm and love it, so will probably look at the Zeiss 85mm f1.4.

  6. I like like it Jamie nice and clean.

    Shot with a 85 it would be pretty cool.

    I would have still stayed in bed mate 🙂

  7. Very nice King of The Sand Dune, AKA Jamie. Yes I am with Merv on the bed thing (not the same one) but cool indeed!


  8. It is very nice and clean indeed and really easy to stitch and clone but like everyone else has said mate sometimes the clean ones also sell the best you just never know.

  9. Clean and simple works for me champ. Aint never been to Bunbury, must drop in one day (just to tick the box).

    • You should do mate. I have every 2nd Monday off so I’ll have a bit of spare time. Feel free to drop in!!

      • You’ve only just started and you have every 2nd Mon. off, how do you get jobs like that ? 🙂

      • Union jobs Merv, union jobs!!! haha. I think the thinking behind this job at Worsley is that it is more of a lifestyle job, so people can have their weekends off. Because it’s an operating plant already, and they’re expanding production by 1.1 million tpa, they’re in no great hurry. If it was a brand new plant it would be a different situation, as they’d be keen to start getting a return for their investment. Am I complaining after doing over 3 years up north, 13 day fortnights? Definitely not!! Actually, we work this monday, then RDO next, then public holiday, then RDO monday, three long weekends in a row!! Lovin it already!!

  10. Hi Jamie,
    I found your blog while I was searching for some landscape to paint…I am from Iran, I really enjoyed your page, I love these photos, and I really want to print out one and start painting it. I work with oil color, and in order to have a more clear image I though maybe I can ask you for some of your photos in their original size…Could you help me with this request? I’d be glad to see your reply…

  11. Way to go mate…… sounds just like farming. 🙂

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