Coiled Rope – True North

So I’ve just completed my first week back at work………my god, what a shock to the system. 7 months of leisure all over, finito, how will I do it…….not a lot of time to shoot photos now either, and being teased with the best morning skies I’ve seen in 7 months all week whilst sitting on the bus heading up the hill to work  is just painful.

Anyway, I thought I’d post the photo of mine whch was selected in the final 7 for the True North Rotto trip competition.

My thinking behind this image was to just keep it simple. Simple subject, compostion and lighting.  It may in fact look like a macro shot, but it was actually shot with the new  Nikon 70-200 VR II. 

For those thinking it may have been shot anywhere, you can see the rope is laying on boat decking carpet, and it was shot while eveyone else was on the island.

I’m happy to have picked up a lot of votes, and mainly from names who I respect,  and I know those people know their stuff when it comes to photography. Thank you to all those people who have voted for my image.

Well here it is…….my idea of simple.

**I think I was close to being in the running for the win, but a massive turn in the voting on Friday  has swayed it a long way in favour of image No. 7…………conspiracy maybe??  Maybe some controversy……nothing like a bit of that!!**


~ by Jamie Nicolaou on February 20, 2010.

10 Responses to “Coiled Rope – True North”

  1. Welcome to work! I voted for you Jamie, I knew it was your, that helped, but I did enjoy the image the best anyway. Spewin none of mine made it all well…..

    Just got back from a wedding with 26 flower girls!!!!!!!!!!! Look for post soon!

    Cheers mate


  2. Hey Jamie, mate I thought it was hard having 8 weeks off work, Im not sure I would of gone back to work after 7months off.
    Great macro by the way, it got my vote.

    cheers Adrian

    • Thanks Adrian, i didn’t have a full 7 months off, I did actually do some part time work for my other half, pretty casual though, and I mean real casual!! We also picked avocados at home and pruned the trees, but I did have a lot of spare time!! New job is good though, RDO every 2nd Monday, so ‘m going to enjoy that.
      And cheers for the vote, but it’s not a true macro, shot with the 70-200, pretty sharp though that new lens.

  3. I guessed it was your rope cause i thought that is something you would take , and it’s a good shot.

    Haven’t voted yet , might not cause the whole thing has turned into a bit of a farce i think.

    • Cheers for that Merv, I respect your comment.

      As for the comp, I do know what you’re saying. Personally I like Chiz’s shot because it is an interesting shot, with quite a nice composition, nice colours and a hint of water movement. Be a few stories behind the people who did the graffiti.

      I can see your point though how the comp and voting has panned out, and Muzz was onto it too I think!!

  4. Picked it like a nose. Should’ve been “Fairest and Best” wins but I guess it’s pretty hard to control all aspects of the competition in the format it was in and maybe if you had more friends you would’ve got more votes ;-). Hopefully there will be more competitions and you’ll have another crack.

    Great shot though – I still like it, even though it’s a loser! It blows Merv’s quokka out of the water too, but my quokka shot is another level altogether hehe.

  5. Cheers for the support Muzz, and especially being a loser makes it even more special. I wasn’t sure how the comp was voted on, but doesn’t really worry me too much, all that I’m happy with are that the votes I got came from people who are regular bloggers and people who generally know a lot about photography. Saying that, I don’t claim this image to be a ball tearer, but just wanted something simple and away from the norm on the day.
    I’m not jumping on anyone else’s photos, I’ll leave you and Merv to your little fun and games.

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