Really Right Stuff

I have been waiting patiently for my new Really Right Stuff ball head and L-plate to turn up, and it’s finally here. If you haven’t seen or heard of this stuff, check it out, it’s pretty cool gear.

Nick Rains pointed out to me about the Gitzo ball head I was using (I knew it was shit) and explained how the cork or rubber pad on the head plate doesn’t stop camera movement entirely, and I’d had some drama with camera shake, especially with a long lens. So he showed me his RRS L-plate (same principal as a Manfotto L-bracket) and I was impressed at the precision fit and machining of it. The L-plate is designed to fit snuggly on the camera, with no cork or rubber pad, and makes for an easy switch from landscape to portrait format, especially with the quick release head plate.

So it was off home I went and jumped onto the website and ordered a new BH-55 Ballhead, an L-Plate for the D3, and also replacement feet for the 70-200 and 200-400. The replacement feet are designed to fit directly into the head plate, and if you use a Wimberley head, these RRS feet will fit.

I ordered the gear on the 9th Feb, it was shipeed the next day, and was here on the 16th, from the US of course. I think I’m going to be good friends with the RRS gear, and with the set of Gitzo legs I have, I now know I have a good set up.

Check out the Really Right Stuff website HERE.


~ by Jamie Nicolaou on February 21, 2010.

8 Responses to “Really Right Stuff”

  1. Looks cool gear.

    You’ve got a bit of levelling to do before a pano by the look of it.

    On the tripod, on the 3 axis base plate and on the ball head plate, no excuses now !!!!

    • Merv I have to make all the excuses I can……like dragging my arse around this morning and missing the good light!!
      First RDO today, love this new job!!
      Not sure if I will shoo too many panos with this set up, I like the 360 precision, a lot quicker and easier, but have to use the above setup for longer lenses.

  2. Looks like some precision gear mate I am in the market for the exactly the same thing and also need a new set of legs so I think I will be going to visit the RRS site and ordering the same. It looks extremely well made hey.

  3. Never have too many tripod’s or heads. My old Manfrotto has been to hell and back with its ball head, this stuff looks fantastico Jamie, and nice Avo’s as well. Must break out my sushi kit again!

    Cheers mate

  4. And not only that how bloody sharp are these images!!!!!!!

    • You like the sharpness David? The top one was shot with the 200-400 handheld, the other 2 with the 50mm Zeiss Macro.
      I like this gear, just need some good conditions to get out and shoot, ah hang on, that’ll have to be when I get home from work…poo!!

  5. Looks like the way to go Jamie, I hope it will hold up my new Phase One!!!

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