Avocado Update

For those that care, and for those who have endured the unprecendently high prices of Avocados this year, you may be pleased to know that next years season is shaping up to be a rather heavy one, and therefore the prices should be back to normal (I hope not!! 🙂 ). This is all depending of course on the severity of the weather during winter, so here’s hoping to above average winter rainfall, because more rain means less frost, and more rain mean the wheatbelt farmers will be able to hopefully get above average yields.

The reason for the high prices of Avos this year was due to the poor weather during fruit set in November ’08. But the fruit set for next season (10/11) has been pretty good, with most growers experiencing some heavy fruit sets, including ourselves. Depending on how widespread this trend is, it will definitely affect the pricing at the retail end (and the farm gate), so that should be good for consumers.

If you don’t already eat avocados, you should, because they’re shit hot to eat in salads, sandwiches and even on their own. Make sure they’re ripe, without being mushy, and insist on Avos grown in the Souh West region of W.A, preferably Manjimup, best quality fruit you will find in Oz.

So here’s a couple of photos, with fruit size already good, and volume of fruit across the orchard extremely heavy.

Grab an Avo!!


~ by Jamie Nicolaou on February 22, 2010.

8 Responses to “Avocado Update”

  1. Hey thats good news mate. Now if all goes as normal something should come along and stuff everything up.

    We eat them almost everyday , i love them on toast or bread with a sprinkle of lemon pepper seasoning.

    • Well I might just have to start going to church, but not sure if the foundations will stop the church falling down around me!!
      Hopefully we’ll have a kind winter and the so called “global warming” will keep our winter frost free!!
      Remember the frost on the 17th June in ’06? We had a minus 8 at home, and lost 100k worth of fruit on that night. I came home 3 weeks after from Hedland, and almost cried when I saw how much fruit was on the ground. Farming hey??
      So what you doing with your time now? I’m heading up to Northam/York mid April to do a balloon flight. We’ll have to drop in.

      • Yep if i’m here I’ll catch up for sure. We’re heading to NZ on or around the 20th March and back sometime in April , gotta wedding in Pt Douglas on the way back but not sure of the date.

        I’ve seen the edge taken off a couple of crops with frost and its not pretty, you get so close then loose it and it’s 12 months till the next one comes around.

    • Oh, and glad you eat planty of avos, just need more people to join you!!

  2. if it was pink that will be me in a couple of days

    • Chrsitian you’re hoping that’ll be you……but unfortunately you will be black and blue, and will probably resemble something more like watermelons!!

  3. nah just a ripe avo!!

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