New 27inch iMac

Well it’s happened, I have just received my first Mac, obviously changing from PC, in the form of the new 27 inch iMac. I have just unpacked it from it’s box, and still haven’t plugged it in yet.

I’m trembling with a nervous excitement, delving into the unknown, a little scared to say the least, as it will be a whole new learning experience. Maybe I’ll make the transition quite easily, maybe not, all I know is I’ll more than likely be fumbling around like a virgin in the dark for a while, until, just like that virgin, I will get the hang of it, hopefully sooner rather than later.  🙂

So the iMac, 27 inch, i7 quad core, 8 gig ram, 1 tb hard drive, what does all that mean………hopefully a bit faster than my pc!!! Will it help me take better photos, I doubt it!! Time will tell I guess. I’ll let you all know how it goes…….once I’ve worked out how to turn it on!!

Hope you all have a great weekend……I have a new toy to play with so I should be good!!


~ by Jamie Nicolaou on February 26, 2010.

25 Responses to “New 27inch iMac”

  1. Great stuff Jamie, You won’t know how you lived without one shortly. The transition is not as hard as you would think and with the capacity of your new beast it will be even easier. I’m just plain jealous of you but my 3 year old 20 inch Imac is still great. Get yourself a nice 30 inch editing screen and you will have the perfect rig.

    Cheers Pete.

    • Hey Hodgy……already I like it, but only problem is I can’t use my bigpond wireless as it doesn’t work with the iMac, so no internet until that is fixed, so no software installations, and bigpond want me to buy a new wireless modem because they haven’t updated their software, telstra, gotta hate them!!

  2. Good stuff. I had the same feeling when I unpacked my 24in 3 yrs ago. From the moment I turned it on I knew I’d never have a pc or windows again.

    The only thing about them is the screen for editing. They are fantastic to view but really too bright for accurate editing. I downloaded shades which is free and that helps. I’ve got a color munki so I calibrated it down with that. But that aside you will love it and the OS is brilliant to use and you’ll forget about Windows quickly. The power at your finger tips now will be awesome.

    Hmmmm… Quad core 8 gig 1 TB , might check the price of a new one myself , after all , mine is 3 yrs old. 🙂

    • First thing I did was find the brightness button, turned it back about half way.
      I just loved the way you can out it to sleep and press a button and it comes to life almost instantaneously (Shit, big word for me!!).
      I’ve got a Colormunki and a 24 inch Eizo which I will pair up with it, would be nice to have a 30 inch Eizo standing next to it though, makes the 24inch look small!!

  3. Great news Jamie! I love mine, I use shades at about 74% for printing but leave it cranked right up for web work, all the images on my blog are done like that and look great on every monitor I have looked at them on.

    Mac’s are easy, PC users started rummers years ago. Just remember to always quit the programs correctly my selecting, for eg Safari, Quit or command Q in the key board.

    I just let mine go to sleep as I use all the time, click the mouse and its ready to use in a second! None of this 5 mins to boot up crap.

    I sold my PC laptop last week and got a 17 inch MacBook Pro to use as well. Sweet!

    Enjoy mate

    • Hey David, yeah I’m excited about all of this Mac stuff, thankls for the advice. I don’t think I will be using the iMac screen for doing photos as I have an Eizo, but will be happy once I’ve been able to change all the software over and actually be able to use it.

  4. I am sure you are going to enjoy all the fun and joy you’re new MAC is about to give you I was also weary at the start but its such an awesome piece of equipment in you’re tool kit as you will be sure to see and I can’t wait to order my new Mac for home very soon enjoy mate as I am sure you will.

  5. Come up a bit stormy on Fri. but nothing in it.

  6. Hey Jamie, grab yourself a box a batteries or even better rechargable ones as the mouse chews them up like no tomorrow.

  7. Hi Jamie,
    Im looking at the 27inch myself, getting a bit sick of editing on the 13inch macbook aha.
    let me know what you think of it 🙂 where did you order yours from ?

    • NO dramas, will do Matthew. It should be fine, once I get my net and all the software changed over from PC to Mac, headache there I tell you.
      I got it through a mate who has a leading edge store back home in Manjimup.

  8. Well done Jamie – once you’ve had Mac you’ll never look back! Old saying was Windows 95 =Mac 84 – they’ve been about 10 years behind ever since. You’re part way there – now just get rid of that Nikon gear and move over to Canon and you’ll be sweet!

    • It’s funny how you’re still in denial Muzz…….you want a Nikon, and you know it!! I’m looking forward to using the mac once all the software is changed over.

  9. You just gonna luv that Mac there boy!!

    Don’t get me started on Tesltra…but here’s a big tip. If they piss you off too much report them to the Ombudsman. Everytime someone does that they get fined and they start jumping when you go through that process.

    You get allocated a case number and someone from Telstra that has at least 1/10 of a brain tries to appease you!

    Get into em mate, I have now on a few occasions. They are the very worst example of how to run a business on this planet i reckon!

    • Telstra are shit to deal with, and probably a bit expensive, but for rural use it’s the only way to go, the other carriers just don’t cut it with coverage in the bush.
      On a good note, I threatened to change to another carrier if they made me pay for a new wireless card, but funny how they change their tune and give you one for free!! It took three phonecalls but I got there.
      Now, if only I can get that landline connected out the farm……..

  10. lucky bugger, I need a new toy, ah thats right, I’m getting one!

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