Cricket Finals

Hello again…….I am still here, just been too busy with the new job to get out shooting photos. More to the point I’ve probably been a bit slack, waiting for the Motor X season to start.

In the meantime I have been back doing something that I love doing, something I haven’t been able to do so regularly for the past 7 years, playing cricket.

When I moved to Bunbury I went back to the Marist cricket club, where I have some good mates that I have played country cricket and 1st grade cricket in Perth with.  I played four games back in ’05, where my scores read 4,0, 74n.o and 0!! I actually stopped playing due mainly to back problems and work commitments. (Boys said it was a heart problem!!) But back I came to play some “B” Grade this season, due to the fact I wasn’t available every week and the fact my Tissue Paper constructed hamstrings weren’t faring too well, I’d just had 7 months off and wasn’t exactly in prime condition!! If I was a baby beef the farmer would’ve been penalised for me having too high a fat score!!

So here we are, 2nd semi final, playing Colts (In the “A” and “B” grades), and have only just been informed that our game has been moved to another location, as someone who obviously doesn’t have much of a brain, decided to hack the shit out of the “A” grade wicket with a star picket!! So our game on the Forrest Park North has been moved.

Our boys were looking forward to playing on the north ground, as last week we posted what we think could be a record, 2/382 off our 50 overs. It was the best wicket I have seen in Bunbury, good even pace and bounce, and I happened to make the most of it personally. Bill Wilson and myself managed to put on and unbeaten partnership of 270. We came together in the 22nd over, and managed to firstly put our team in a winning position, and then go out and have some fun. Bill scored 114 n.o off 121 balls, and I managed 188n.o off 93 balls. It was a great opportunity, as Bill hadn’t made a senior half century, let alone a hundred, so it was a great to be a part of  Bill’s personal achievement, considering he was blowing black smoke when I joined him in the 22nd over!! I did my best for us to not have to run.

So I though I’d include an image with the story, it’s of  my bat!! I must say, the Gray Nicolls XXX Custom Made is an absolutely awesome bit of willow (should be for the price), and thought I’d share that with you.

Shot with the D3, Zeiss 50mm f2 Macro @ f2, 1/2500, ISO 100, +2 ev.

To all those who don’t like cricket, I do not apologize, because you should like it!! It’s the greatest summer sport in the world (Maybe women’s beach volleyball is good to watch), our national sport!!


~ by Jamie Nicolaou on March 13, 2010.

7 Responses to “Cricket Finals”

  1. Nico that was an awesome run making achievement to say the least very impressive indeed.

  2. Good story and good score.

    A young guy in todays (Sat) west could just top that. He hit 315 of 33 overs including 47 sixes and his HS before that was 62 , so thats a picnic.

    • Yeah I see that today Merv, quite amazing, 3rd Grade suburban turf, have to question the ability of the bowlers…….but you still have to hit them!! 47 sixes though, that’s 282 runs in 6’s!!

      We lost our semi today, so off to the prelim next week. Our “A” grade won easy though which was good!!

  3. Hey Jamie, the bat doesn’t look like it’s knocked 188,looks like a brand newy, how many were of the back ? hehe
    Well done anyway , must have felt pretty good.

    • I had one off the back, and two top edges that went for 6’s!! It was good to get a good run on.
      We lost today though in the semi, so we have the prelim next week.

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