Summer Storms

Well what a day, firstly it was an RDO, secondly, I had a trip to the dentist, for an extraction!! I’ve never had so many tools and fingers in my mouth at once……and yes as some of you would know, it f@#*%ng hurt. I know I grew up in Manjimup, but never knew my teeth would have roots like a karri tree!! It was enough to bring tears to my eyes at one stage, and if my hands weren’t paralised by the pain, I would’ve grabbed the dentist by the balls and just ask him if we were going to remain friends!!

Anyway, we knew there was a bit of rain on the way, and heard there had been some heavy falls and rather severe storms in Perth. I was out with Tegan this evening having a look at a house she is interested in, when the thick black clouds were rolling in, and the sunset was just an amazing deep red/orange colour, but I was stuck, and couldn’t get away at the time. So just waited a little longer for the light to disappear and the lightning to arrive.

Apparently there is a severe storm warning for about 11 pm tonight!!

I managed to get one decent shot, with the camera covered in my trusty Melbourne Football Club dash mat and a high vis vest to keep the rain off. It was the only half decent composition I could find at the time, and luckily had a nice strike to finish it off.

Shot with the D3, 24-70 f2.8, 30 sec @f7.1, ISO 100


~ by Jamie Nicolaou on March 22, 2010.

15 Responses to “Summer Storms”

  1. Cracker shot Jamie!

    I had an eventful evening as well! I as all set up to venture out to see what I could get when we got a call from my daughter who was caught in the city as the trains had stopped running!

    Nearly 2 hours later we had her back safe and sound, but alas my strive for a good lightning shot was once again foiled! Glad someone pinged off a good one though!



    • Cheers Mark, I heard it was pretty rough up in Perth. I was talking to a mate and he was telling me about the hail stones that came with the storm, not golf ball sized but not far off.

  2. FANTASTIC!! love a good lightning shot, and no, its not wet here in Albany, looks like we missed the fun.

    Cheers mate

    • Did you manage to get a storm in the end, it ended up in Manjimup as well. Bit of a stressful period when you get summer storms and possible hail, can ruin a crop in one shower.
      Cheers for the comment David.

  3. Hey Jamie, great image, the lightning in perth before the storm was rather violent however not alot of it. It was the cloud formation that was impressive. Check out my latest from the storm in Perth
    cheers Adrian

    • Hey Adrian, the sunset we had before the storm came in was amazing, but I couldn’t get anywhere to shoot it, but as soon as I saw the lightning coming I headed out. I’ve seen a few cool photos from the approaching storm front, but it was dark here when it came through. With the onset of winter I’m sure we’ll get plenty more opportunities. Cheers for dropping by.

  4. Nothing wrong with the composition in this one jamie, the lightning tops it off nicely.
    Sorry to hear about your extraction, better start brushing a bit more often or was that your last tooth.

    • Hey Hodgy, cheers for the advice, but I do brush twice a day. It was a tooth I had a large filling in two years ago, but it was on it’s way out then. I don’t cringe anymore when I have a cold drink.
      Cheers for the comment on the pic too.

  5. That is a great shot, great capture.

  6. Great photograph here Jamie, Good detail in the lightning. I was in Australind and got a little bit of the sunset with lightning. The big strikes I missed in my composition. Good to see another photog in Buno area

  7. 3 shots of Bunbury I like, hey did you see my storm shot, shameless plug for my blog!! haha everyone does it to me!!!

  8. thats a cracker mate

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