Bunbury Lighthouse

Probably one of the most iconic landmarks in Bunbury is the Lighthouse, you can just about see it from everywhere around Bunbury, (I said just about everywhere!!).

I was sitting at home, with a slight tinge of nervous energy streaming through my body last night, as we have our cricket grand final today, and was wanting to take my mind off it, so decided to head out and get a moonlit sky/clouds and the lighthouse, it was about 10pm.I tried a few different compositions and angles, not sure if it works,but what the heck, too late, it’s here now. There is a fence around the lighthouse which prevents you from getting right to the base, which is a little disappointing.

Now this image is an exposure of just over 4 minutes, and it was quite windy. I must say I’m super impressed with the Really Right Stuff ball head and L-Plate I have for the D3. I had the Gitzo fully extended, with the camera bag hanging underneath for added centre weighted support, and the resulting image is sharp as, no movement at all, which I’m happy with. I recommend RRS gear, if you are looking for a solid ball head and attachment bracket, not exactly cheap, but you get what you pay for.


~ by Jamie Nicolaou on March 27, 2010.

16 Responses to “Bunbury Lighthouse”

  1. Beyond awesome Jamie! Fantasic slant(!) on this lighthouse. Well done


  2. Yeah Nico I like it a lot very arty looking the angles and the movement in the sky and yes indeed very sharp nice work mate.

  3. Great shot, looks like a painting.

  4. Something a bit different just what i like, I just upgraded my ball head & L bracket to the RRS , very impressed with it so far, hey gotta love those Nikons for doing the job so well to don’t you think.

    • Yeah I’m a little bit on the different side so thought I’d change the perspective!!
      You’ll love the RRS gear mate, well built and easy and quick to use, and yes, the Nikon does a good job, it’s just the operator that fails sometimes!!

  5. Nice work Jamie..great shot mate and the diagonals are working really well!

  6. Cool image Jamie, nice to see something a little different

  7. thats two shots of Bunbury I like mate.

  8. Very cool shot Jamie, love it.

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