Koombana Bay – Bunbury

I got off the bus from work last night, only to see the potential in the sky for a nice fiery sunset. As I am quickly running out of light these days, I quickly got home, grabbed the gear and headed down to Koombana Bay, just around from the fishing club. It’s not the best image, as I’d missed the best light. I had just got all my settings right, grad, and was ready to shoot, when I boat and two kayaks came around the corner. I had to wait about 3 to 4 minutes for the waves and ripples from the boat to subside, and as you all know, that’s all it takes to lose the light sometimes, even less.


~ by Jamie Nicolaou on March 31, 2010.

8 Responses to “Koombana Bay – Bunbury”

  1. Nothing wrong here! Nice image Jamie. Hey know any one with a used D3? I am struggling for a D3s and a D3 would be more than perfect.

    Truth is I am putting part on my savings towards a BMW R1200GS!

    • No I don’t. Give Howard a call at Camera Elec, I’m sure he would know something!! A BMW?? Why don’t you flag that idea and get a Phase One!! Or better still, a 4wdrive!! Just think of all the places you could get to with that!!

  2. Great shot.

  3. Hi Mate , no sign of sunsets like that here in NZ.

    Touch of rain forecast for where we are tomorrow , about 250mm, yes 250mm in fact, can’t wait.

  4. So is there any sun at all Merv?? All I know is the Aussies smashed them in the cricket!! 10 inches of rain though……..that should be fun!! Where abouts are you?

  5. really like this composition Jamie!

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