Old Flour Mill – Northam

Just spent the Anzac long weekend in Northam. Went on a balloon flight which Tegan had bought for last years birthday, 1 week out from this years!!

Now I thought we were all friends, but Merv pissed off to Dunsborough for the weekend, and Hodgy, well, a weekend wasn’t long enough to get away from me, he pisses off for 3 months up north!! Absolutely gutted I was……..just happened the B&B we were staying at was right next door to Hodgy’s. Now don’t tell Pete, but his beer fridge is empty now!!

I must say it was my first visit to Northam, and absolutely loved the Avon Valley. The balloon flight was absolutely sensational, weather was perfect, very calm conditions and very good visibilty.

I’ll post some balloon flight pics later, but for now I have my take on the Old Flour Mill. Now I know Hodgy and Merv have shot this before, and hope I don’t cop a backlash for shooting an icon already photographed by another, but here it is. It was about 6 this morning, very crisp morning too may I add. Merv and Pete, you need to train your ducks to swim out of the image, so as to not create too many ripples.

7 image stitch, Nikon D3, 50mm Zeiss, f11, 0.6 sec @ ISO  100, hope you like it.


~ by Jamie Nicolaou on April 26, 2010.

8 Responses to “Old Flour Mill – Northam”

  1. Yeah nice Jamie, sounds like you had fun, free beer and all!

    Cheers mate

  2. We’ve just got home as well.

    Glad you enjoyed it here and you enjoyed the balloon flight , knew you would.

    Great shot of the mill, different again to the rest of us which is always good to see.

    We will have to catch up sometime , we will get the timing a little better next time .

    Bugger about the beer fridge cause I was going around there tomorrow. 🙂

    • Well when I say there’s no beer left, there is still some ‘VB’ in the fridge, I don’t class that as beer!!
      We’re planning on coming back in say end of July or early August, or when the canola fields are in full bloom, might even sneak up for the Avon Decent.
      But it’s a nice little town, although it seemed everyone left town for the weekend, it was pretty quiet. The brekky at Fitzgeralds was awesome, and the meals at the Northam Tavern were some of the best pub meals I’ve had.
      Also cheers for the comment on the pic, I had to get one of the mill.

  3. Yeah we might se if we can get the wheatbelt shoot happening around canola time.

    Big wrap for the town , I guess if you live here its all pretty mundane stuff and we can’t wait to get out of the place.

    • Well I guess it’s like any place, we all can’t wait to get away from it, but we all can’t wait to get back!!
      I’ll try and organise the photo trip to Manjimup for spring time as well, what do you think??

      • Yeah photo trip sounds good , we’ll get started on ours when Pete gets back … if he comes back. 🙂

        Funny how other towns all look good , the grass is always greener type of thing.

        We can’t wait to get out of here and don’t really want to come back here when we go away, maybe it’s trying to tell us something.

      • Grass is pretty green in Manjimup….haha!!

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