Windward Balloon Adventures

Over the Anzac weekend Tegan and myself headed off to Northam to experience hot air ballooning over the magnificent Avon Valley. Tegan bought me a flight for last years birthday, which we managed to fit in, one week before this years!!

I’d been keeping an eye on the weather the days prior to the flight, and it was shaping up to be spot on, which it was. Crisp morning, hardly a puff of wind, clear skies apart from a little smoke haze from the farmers burning off stubble. It started at 5.30 am at the airfield, where after a briefing and the pilots checking wind direction, it was into the troopy and away were were. Our retriever was Dave, an ex farmer come chippy come part time balloon retriever, he was a good fella, you wouldn’t expect anything else out here!! And ol’ Geoff, our pilot, he was a character, spun some good yarns and was very informative whilst up in the balloon.

Once a take off location was decided upon, Geoff and Dave got us all organised on the ground, there were 7 of us in our balloon, while there was about 12 or 15 in the other, I think!! (It was early in the morning!) Anyway, we got off the ground, no dramas at all. I must say there is nothing quite like floating above the ground, with subtle wind directional changes at different altitudes, it was quite amazing. Even Tegan is scared of heights, but had no problems in the balloon.

Something quite special happened on the flight, a young fella Vlad, proposed to his girlfriend Milena. Just as he was about to pop the question, Geoff fired up the burners, not quite realising what was happening, and then there was a loud scream of “Oh my GOD!!!!” Geoff then announced over the 2 way “She said yes!!” It was the third proposal he’s had this season aboard his balloon. Apparently Tegan pointed out to me about how romantic and beautiful that was, I must have had a case of selective hearing!! haha.

Anyway, here’s some images. It was good judgement on behalf of the pilots, as we headed straight over Northam itself. It was amazing to hear all the dogs barking, as the burners set them off.

If anyone’s interested in ballooning in Northam, contact Windward Balloon Adventures on 96212000 or visit

Sorry for the long winded story!!


~ by Jamie Nicolaou on April 28, 2010.

9 Responses to “Windward Balloon Adventures”

  1. All sounds like a lot of hot air to me. 🙂

  2. Sorry I missed you and Tegan Jamie, Could have had an all night party and then gone ballooning. Don’t laugh it has been known to happen. Anyway glad you enjoyed the experience and got some good pic’s.

    • Hey Pete, all good. Just spun me out when I mentioned your name to Ken and he told me you lived next door.
      We’ll be coming up again in August I reckon, but you’ll probably still be away!!

  3. Great stuff Jamie, lol about Tegan pointing out the romance! Very funny, and naturally great images!

    Cheers man

  4. Great shots Jamie…I must do this again with a camera in hand rather than a rig on my back!

  5. that was an idea i was going to do for my fiancee, except I chose wyadup. Would be amazing though

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