Race Starts

You have to love it when you set up a shot, as the first lap is always going to be the one where you have a chance of getting a shot of all the top riders before the field spreads. It is usually done with a holeshot image on the first corner, but I wanted one as the riders were going over a jump.

This image was shot at the Southern Capes MX Club in Jindong during the 2nd Round of the WAMX State Championships. You have Louis Calvin (1), Shane Murray (6) and Dean Porter (30), the leaders in the field who are fighting it out for the championship and the rest of the field following. I had a vision for this image and don’t think if I tried again I could get it right!!

Gotta love MX!!!


~ by Jamie Nicolaou on May 10, 2010.

7 Responses to “Race Starts”

  1. Great action shot Jamie!

    They all seem to be very well balanced as well!

    Nice work mate!

  2. Great shot Jamie, The good old 200 – 400mm again eh ?

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