I did feel for this young fella, but I do stress, no one was hurt in this sequence.

I was shooting this particular corner during the State Round of the Quad Championships at the Southern Capes MX club at Jindong.

Now this young fella, I’m not sure of his name, but he was racing on the rec riders devision, which they added as an opportunity for recreational riders to get out on to the race track. I’m sure there will be a few of those boys racing from now on. Now this particular fella, who was all of about 15, came into the corner a bit hot, he was trying to steer the bike as well as braking hard, but it all came unstuck. I usually have a bad habit in when I see a crash unfolding, I tend to take my eye away from the viewfinder and watch it myself, and then spew that I missed the shot,  but this time I managed to capture the lot. Once I had a look at the images, I did run over and check to see if he was ok. Apart from a little bit of shock that nothing was broken, on him or the bike, he was off again, but a little easier on the throttle from then on.


~ by Jamie Nicolaou on May 16, 2010.

9 Responses to “Going..going..gone..”

  1. couldn’t do that with a phase!!

  2. Yeah our jnr parts guy did the same at Denmark on Sunday! Got to love that 10 fps!

  3. Ha Ha, shouldn’t laugh but I have done the same thing myself, Bloody quads !!!
    Well done on the capture Jamie.

    • Nothing was worse than the old 3 wheelers!! You go from a 2 wheeler and jump on one of those, and all of a sudden you get your legs run over when you put it down around a corner!!

  4. Yes indeed mate I have been there myself so many times where that young fella was and its not a great feeling crashing ya brains out lol.
    Great images to mate.

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