WAMX State Championships Rnd 2

Last weekend saw the 2nd Round of the  Smarter Than Smoking WAMX State Championship being run at the Southern Capes MX Club at Jindong Park south of Busselton. It was my first time out at Jindong, so I spent Saturday shooting the quads to get a feel for the track. It was totally different to the sand of Coastal Park, with Jindong being hardpack. It was a fast track, but faster mean harder when riders hit the ground. There was an issue with the finish jump, with a secondary kicker causing a lot of riders to get out of shape, and a number going down hard. It was decided (a few races to late in my opinion!!) to get a loader out to fix the ramp. I think when there are safety issues with a take off or any part of the track, it should be fixed as soon as the problem is visible, not wait for a number of riders to get hurt because of it.

Apart from that, it was an awesome day of racing, with flat tyres the order of the day, definitely having an influence on the days proceedings.

The pro lites put on some great racing for the crowd. Overall reults for the day were 1st, Josh Adams, 2nd, Daniel Shrimp and 3rd, Paul Humberston.

The pro open saw the battle between Dean Porter and Louis Calvin intensify, with both riders pushing it to the limit. The 1st moto saw Calvin holeshot, followed by Porter. These two settled in and created a comfortable lead out in front. Calving had about a 5 second lead going into the last lap, but a hard charging Porter nearly snuck up for the win. Moto 2 saw Calvin again get the holeshot. Calving was leading until a rear flat caused him to fall back in the field. Porter went on for the win.  Shane Murray, who was Mr consistent for the day, held off for 2nd. The 3rd Moto saw Murray holeshot. Calvin got pushed back on the start, and was mid pack after the end of the first straight. Porter once again was out in front until he got a flat. Calvin rides like a man possessed to push through the field and take the win from Chris Errey and Daniel Woodward, while Porter manages an 8th place. The overall for round 2, 1st, Dean Porter, 2nd, Shane Murray and 3rd, Daniel Woodward.

The state championship is definitely getting exciting, so if you are a fan, or on the other hand  haven’t watched mx live, get down to the next round and check it out, or even better, get down to the Manjimup 15000 on the June long weekend.


Overall open winner Dean Porter.

Overall lites winner Josh Adams.

The battle between Humberston (2) and Shrimp (168) was awesome.

Calvin holeshots.

Vets winner James Craig leads the field.

Daniel Shrimp leading Abia Ashton in the pro-lites.

Int. Open rider Matt Cartwright.

Shane Murray smashing a berm.

Clubman Lite rider Ayrton Paris.

Pro Lites Shaun Cornick (151), Robbie Clark (9) and Troy Shephard (84).

Clubman Lite rider Curtis Dejong.

Abia Ashton.

Something different.


~ by Jamie Nicolaou on May 16, 2010.

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