Brad Anderson

This post is solely dedicated to the current British Motorcross champion and newly crowned Manjimup 15000 winner Brad Anderson. He’s been in Oz for 2 weeks, went and rode the National Round at Raymond Terrace in Newcastle  last week and absolutely smoked them to take the win.

Now this guy can seriously ride!! He is not only fast, but has this amazingly smooth, classy style. I also got to interview him for ADB Mag as well, and he is an extremely nice, humble guy.

Enough bullshit, here’s some pics of the 2010 Manjimup 15000 International Motorcross Champion, Brad Anderson. Congratulations.

Anderson holeshots the first moto.



~ by Jamie Nicolaou on June 7, 2010.

10 Responses to “Brad Anderson”

  1. Great images Jamie! Will have to twist your arm next year to get inside with you!

    If you haven’t seen Jamie work guys he is always on the more running here running there! The number one action photographer!

    Cheers mate!

  2. 1st class MX images,and Brad was great to watch made it look pretty easy,what an great day!

    • Thanks Michael, I got some good ones, but in all I didn’t have a really good day as far as my personal standards are concerned. I just work on getting the ones I needed, as there are too many photogs running around!!

  3. good work Nico, he’s a nice fella as well

  4. Mate you have serious action images going on, awesome looking through your posts.
    cheers Adrian

  5. Hi jamie, I like where your going with your sport photography, looks like a good niche your carving out. Well done.

    • Thanks for dropping in Pete. Not quite a niche, because there’s lots of people doing it, I’m just trying to produce quality, and some writing work as well. A lot of this is for the love of it, and to try and carve out a reputation for the future.

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