WAMX State Championships Round 3

Today was the third round of the WAMX State Championships, held at Shrubland Park in Bunbury. As I type I don’t have the results, but I can tell you that I, as well as everyone else witnessed some awesome racing today.

Although it seemed like the Calvin and Porter show, there was much more to it. Calvin holeshot the first race and went on to win comfortably, with Porter 2nd. The 2nd moto saw Porter go down in the first corner after getting caught out with another rider going down, and with the bikes tangled together, this saw Porter lose valuable time. This only fired up Porter who went on to clean up the rest of the field and secure 2nd spot behind Calvin. Moto 3 saw Calvin holeshot again, only to go down in the 2nd corner. Porter took the advantage and gained a handy lead. Now calvin, chasing hard, went down again in the deep sand out the backside of the track, but fought back and he too reeled in the field and finished 2nd from Porter. You really had to be there to witness not only the way these boys rode, but the condition of the track and how they made it look easy. Awesome stuff.

Like I said I don’t have any results at this time so will update when I get results.


Louis Calvin holeshots the first moto.

Dean Porter was strong all day.

Shane Murray being hunted by Porter.

Paul Humberston

Troy Shephard

Ryan Lancaster leading from Glen Ashworth.

Int Open Craig Sealey.

Luke Gaisford and Chad McKay battled all day.

Josh Adams goes down chasing Daniel Shrimp.

Vets winner James Craig.

Int Lites rider Kieran Stabback.

Pro lite Robbie Clarke.

Int Lite Michael Browne.

Louis Clavin.


~ by Jamie Nicolaou on June 20, 2010.

4 Responses to “WAMX State Championships Round 3”

  1. Got some great images today Jamie :).

  2. Great photos again Jamie!
    You can find the results on perthmx.com on the events/results page – just scroll down to the WAMX results.

  3. Got here from Graham’s blog. Awesome images there!

  4. Cheers for the comments, but to be honest I wasn’t really happy with the days takings. The sun was out and spoiled the fun!!! Awesome days racing though.

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