WAMX State Championships – Round 4

Sunday the 11th of July saw the 4th round of the State Championship held at Wanneroo Park. After arriving in Perth Saturday afternoon, the weather started to come in. With consistent downpours into the early morning hours, it was definitely going to be an interesting day. Arriving at the AJS circuit, all were greeted with rain, lots of it, as it continued right up until practice, and the organisers were contemplating cancelling the event. Someone must have been praying, as the clouds broke up and the rain disappeared, the riders (some not so willing) geared up for a tough day of racing.

The pro open class was  all about Louis Calvin and Dean Porter. Calvin trying to defend his title, and Porter trying to claim another state championship. Calving had 3 wins to claim top spot on the podium, with Porter three 2nd’s, but it wasn’t without the usual dramas. Moto 2 saw Calvin and Porter go down together in the first corner. Both riders chased the pack down in the 6 lap sprint. With one corner remaining in the race, Porter put a pass on Calvin up the back straight, only to go down in the last corner, handing Calvin the win, awesome stuff.

The pro lites saw Shaun Cornick overcome pressure from David Birch and Ashley Whistler to take the overall win. Cornick started the day well to holeshot and check out for the win, Birch and Whistler got stronger as the day progressed, with Birch absolutely dominating the last moto.

The quads championship once again saw Ryan Lancaster dominate the field with 3 wins. Chad McKay  and Luke Gaisford placed 2nd and 3rd respectively.

James Craig, as well as racing the pro open class (11th for the day), won the vets class. As demanding as this track is riding in one class, it proves that at 38 years of age, James can still mix it with the young blokes!! Kamahl Godfrey and Mark Jones made up the other podium positions.

The championship is hotting up with only two rounds to go. The next round being at Noble Falls at Chidlow.

Calvin on the gas.

Shaun Cornick holeshots moto 1.

Ryan Lancaster once again dominated the quad class.

David Birch (59) took the holeshot and blew the field in moto 3.

Dean Porter in attack mode.

Which line do you take out of the quarry??

Chad McKay.

Steve Mouritz.

There were some tricky sections.

Trent Biffin – Int open.

An almost unrecognisable Oliver Smith from Bunbury.

Daniel Shrimp chasing David Birch.

James Craig (80) and Todd Huntley (51)



~ by Jamie Nicolaou on July 12, 2010.

3 Responses to “WAMX State Championships – Round 4”

  1. Jamie: outstanding work mate, I especially love the lighting on https://jamienicolaou.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/dsc8600-copy.jpg

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. wonderful shots, my great nephew Corey does motocross and Ive taken a few shots and know how hard it can be to get good shots like this

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