Morning Rainbow

Oh my god……..I can’t believe it, it’s a landscape photo!!! It has been so long since I shot a landscape I almost forgot what to do.I’m just lucky there was some nice light and a nice little scene on the farm to shoot.

We have been quite lucky at home this year, receiving enough rain at the right times to keep the cattle happy. We finally got some decent rains last weekend and are finally starting to get some runoff.

Anyway, here’s the image.


~ by Jamie Nicolaou on July 17, 2010.

13 Responses to “Morning Rainbow”

  1. Nice one Jamie…good to have you back son!

  2. Cheers Mark…..I never went anywhere! Last 6 months – Jamie – 1 post, Mark – 496 posts!!! haha

  3. Nice to see a landscape image up mate and a nice one indeed is a beautiful place of our state down there thats for sure.

  4. Hi Jamie, nice one. I have seen that vista before some place!

    Cheers mate

  5. You have seen this vista before David…..want to get 4 of this, 4 seasons!! Cheers for dropping by!

  6. That’s a nice country scene Jamie, glad your getting a bit of rain as reports from around the weatbelt don’t sound to crash hot.

    • Hey Hodgy, I see you’re now close to home!! We have been getting some rain, just not enough to create the runoff needed to fill the dams. We’re good at home, as we don’t use too much water now, but it’s nice to see the dams overflow so you can open the valve and flush the dams. Just got back from a weekend at Indee Station, and it’s dry up there. It’s not looking so great when you drive through Dalwallinu, but there were a few showers around Miling on the way home.

  7. Hi Jamie.

    About time we saw a landscape from you, but you’ve been busy with the bikes I see.

    Things look good around your way, not so crash hot around here though. It’s ok but really need a good soaking rain as there’s no subsoil moisture and the days are starting to lengthen and crops will need all the moisture they can get soon. Eastern wheatbelt is pretty ordinary.

    Where’s Indee located ?

    • Hey Merv Man!!! How’s things? I needed to get a landscape in here, nearly forgot how!!

      Indee Station is 60 km south of Port Hedland. It’s pretty dry up that way, with minimal summer rains across most of the region. There is an area about 50 k’s north of Munjina, when I went through there 4 years ago the grass was about 2 foot tall, now it’s like a moonscape, just rocks, no grass.

      Subsoil moisture is a problem down south too. The farmers who need dams for irrigation are in a bit of a panic at the moment as there is minimal runoff. I can see the marginal areas are struggling too, as north of Miling doesn’t look real flash. Hopefully the season hangs on and the rains do come.

  8. Bloody long way to go for the weekend.

    Anyway why aren’t you at work ?

    • Great trip away, the old boy came along too and had a ball!! I had my bike, rode the track and shot photos.
      Go back to work tomorrow, I have some media commitments to get out of the way for the Indee race today. And a post as well!!

  9. great shot Jamie, some good light lately

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