Perth Convention Centre

I attended the Nikon workshop held by Camera Electronic on the 29th May. Special guests were Rocco Ancora and Vicki Bell, who took us through their journeys into wedding and portrait photography. They are quite an inspirational pair, together with their passion and talents in their fields.

Now one of the highlights for the day was finally getting to meet Peter Hodgson. We have communicated through the blogs for quite a while now, and to meet another fellow blogger was great. Nice fella too…..well he is a country fella, so why wouldn’t he be!!

Part of the day was getting to try some of the latest gear from Nikon. More so some new lenses which have been released, and about to be released. The new AFS 85mm f1.4 looks like an absolute cracker, one I’ve been waiting for !! I also got to try the new 16-35mm f4 and the 24mm f1.4.

I haven’t really been into architectural things, but I was drawn to the lines of the roof of the convention centre and thought I’d try the new 16-35 to accentuate the curves. Shot during the harsh midday sun , it has turned out quite contrasty, as you’d expect. Geez I’m dribbling again, I should just shut up and post the image. Here it is.


~ by Jamie Nicolaou on August 30, 2010.

13 Responses to “Perth Convention Centre”

  1. That works very nicely mate! Well done!

  2. All those new toys! Did you bring any of them home? 🙂

    • Not yet……but I did fall in love with the 400mm f2.8!! It was amazingly sharp, even with the 2x converter on it. Also looking forward to the release of the new 85mm.

  3. Go the country boy in the city there Dude!

  4. Nice work Jamie, I did a Rocco one last year at the Zoo, took my 600, he was impressed.

    I really like his work and my wedding images jumped a peg or two after seeing him. Did you get the action set? i did use them every day.

    And well he uses a Nikon!

    Cheers Jamie, must catch up soon again! I will bring beer……

    • It was pretty awesome, just made it look so simple. It has got me interested in portraits again.
      I was keen on a 600, but they had a 400 set up with a 2x, and it was unreal. So 800mm @ f5.6 sharp as, and then you got the flexibility of having the 2.8 when you need it.
      I got the actions, so need to have a look and see if I can use them.

  5. As Mark said, this works a treat. cheers Adrian

  6. Hey Jamie, Great to finally meet you in person as well , I think it was was a really inspirational day for sure and camera electronic should be congratulated as well for there efforts. That pic looks even better on the blog than it did on the D3 screen. What about your other money shot on the day ? hehe. I just want that D3s after looking at my shots of the model we had when I was shooting over Tony,s shoulder with the new 70-200mm 2.8 attached.

    • Hey Pete. Might have to put the other one up, just for the humour!! I actually wanted to shoot Courtney using the 70-200, simply because I know how sharp it is. I’m not real happy with the ones I got of her. It was a great day, only problem is rounding up the money needed to buy the wants!!!

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