“Action Jackson”

As you all know I recently went on the Australasian Safari, what you probably didn’t know is that I got to hang out with ADB’s Enduro Editor and now good mate, Adam Riemann.

Adam and myself first met at the 2009 Manjimup 15000, although I didn’t realise who he was at first. You’re asking yourself this, who’s Adam Riemann. You can check his work at www.motology.cc.

Anyway, back to the story!! I picked Adam up at his brothers place at 5.30 on the Saturday morning before the drive out to Southern Cross. Now if you saw Adam this particular morning, you would think he definitely wasn’t a morning person…..maybe he isn’t, but you will get the rest shortly. He mumbled a “Hi mate”, as I greeted him, he then limped and attempted to drag his gear bag and swag to the car. He was looking more like a beaten up junkyard dog rather than someone that was about to embark on one of the best weeks you could be involved with. As we set off to our starting point with the rest of the boys, Adam lay helplessly in the passenger seat, seemingly unable to move……or speak!!

As we set off for Southern cross, I tried to get a few words out of the ol’ Riemdog. He mentioned over the phone the day before that he’d had a get off on the Wednesday while riding with Ben Grabham, Todd Smith, Matt Fish and Rob Lang. I was only just starting to understand how serious it was. He’d gone over a log, and the 250 2 stroke suddenly high sided him and despatched him like a rag doll, he’d landed on his head and knocked himself unconscious. The telltale signs were on his helmet, his neckbrace had damage and the old knee braces were tested. He was off his dial for about 30 minutes after his get off, but I could still see the effects on Saturday. He’d also hurt his shoulder, neck, knee……he was in a world of hurt. He slept most of the way to Southern Cross……..the stereo was my companion on this day!!!

As the days passed, Adam was starting to feel better. On day four though, we’d been looking at setting up a shot, he went to point in a direction away from him, then all of a sudden I turn around, the bikes on the ground and Riemann has his hand under his foot, he’s trying to relocate his shoulder which seemed to just fall out of place. He was all beaten up…….but not finished. We were sitting, waiting for the bikes, and then we heard the stirring sound of a large number of bikes heading back towards Norseman, they’d cancelled the stage.

At this time we needed something. Adam needed some shots of himself on the 250 KTM 2T, so with the sun getting lower and the light just perfect, we scoped out somewhere to shoot some action shots. We found a little track leading onto another, but with too much grass the images made Adam look more like a weekend trail rider (like me!!!), and then I found the spot. I barren piece of dirt, nice and open, with some loose stuff on top, just perfect. The light was coming in from the right direction, so with the camera set, Riemann did the rest.

After viewing the images on the camera, we were happy, and Adam  named this the  “Action Jackson”. With the lighting the way it was, it almost seemed as though we had full studio gear lighting this up, I was pretty happy with the result.

Here it is……….”Action Jackson”….starring Adam Riemann.





~ by Jamie Nicolaou on November 1, 2010.

3 Responses to ““Action Jackson””

  1. It does look like a full studio setup. Gotta be happy with those shots, they’re great!

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