Given the Arse!!!

Yes it’s me….I’m still here. I never went anywhere, just been pre-occupied with work and the summer that brings cricket, throw in the missus and there’s not much spare time to throw around!!! I must thanks David Sobik for checking in on me, just to make sure I’m still here!!!


To be honest it’s been great just chilling and not having to do much in the way of photography, but there’s a time when you need to just get out there and shoot, which I did a little of this morning. Nothing exciting, but I was walking through the avocado orchard. It was about 6.45 am, and the orchard was alive with insects, especially blowies!!! Now unless you’ve viewed them close up, you don’t get to see how ugly they really are, but at the same time you wonder how they were created, and the physical structure and the mechanics behind the way they work. Just how do those wings work at such a rate??? Anyway, I’d come across a few blowies, but this one seemed to give me a bum steer, turn the other way and give me the “ARSE”!!! If you haven’t seen the rear view of a fly, here you go…….




~ by Jamie Nicolaou on November 1, 2010.

2 Responses to “Given the Arse!!!”

  1. Gawd that lens is remarkable! Real glad your still around the traps mate! Is is a crazy time of year for sure.

    Good to hear from you Jamie.

    Cheers man.

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