This Is The Life

This is a simple post, basically about my father, George. Having recently turned 60 (he can now get his seniors card!!!), he has slowly started to wind down and enjoy the fruits of his years of hard labour on the farm. I found him at 5.30 this morning, sat in his old directors chair, rod in hand trying to catch a trout. It was a beautiful morning, no breeze, calm waters, cool air, little bit of fog rising off the dam with the stand of karri, jarrah and marri state forest as a backdrop.  The first words that greeted me this morning as I approached him were “This is the life!!!”. He will get to wind down a bit more as I will be heading home to the farm full time after xmas. Time to send both Mum and Dad on a well earned break……




~ by Jamie Nicolaou on November 1, 2010.

6 Responses to “This Is The Life”

  1. Nice Jamie, nice.

    Your Dad is right, that is the life, get back to what we enjoy, whatever that is.

    Great image mate.

  2. Cheers Dave. It’s what life is all about……we seem to forget that away from work and all the other things we do, that the simple things are what count. Life’s simple, it’s just us humans complicate it!!

  3. Great image indeed Jamie the image tells a story thats for sure, how is the old man hope he is keeping well these days.

  4. G’Day Jamie, Haven’t been blogging to much lately so I am behind with your posts. Your old man is right and good on him or appreciating the basic pleasures in life. Thats one for the album I reckon.

    • Hey Pete, same here, been pretty quiet really. Been flat out, started picking Avocados this week, but we won;t start flat out till after xmas.
      The old boy will be spending plenty of time doing this from now on once I get home!!

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