14000 Hits….

Hot off the press, it’s no big deal but I just clicked over 14000 hits!!! Look out Fletcher, I’m catching you!!!!

Seriously, thanks to all that drop by and have a look, I try and do the same for everyone else when I get some time to sit in front of the computer, cheers to all.



~ by Jamie Nicolaou on November 4, 2010.

12 Responses to “14000 Hits….”

  1. Yeah ..bout time you had a look at mine 🙂

    Busy with harvest at the moment although i had a quick look at yours last night , nice shot of your dad.

    • Het Merv, I just had another look at yours….sorry for not sharing the love.

      How is harvest going up there? Bit light on?

      • In a word the harvest is crap. Canola 500 kgs ha some barley is 1,8t ha and 60% small grain. But it is better around here than it is further east thats for sure. A lot of crop at Southern Cross area and south won’t be harvested.

      • When I drove thru on the way to Safari, it didn’t look very good. The further east the worse is got.

  2. Good stuff Jamie. They will keep coming. Talk soon.

  3. Not bad for a mug.
    How have you been keeping? The bike action shots are cool. This looks like a good little niche you have got going. Well done.

    • Hey Peter, thanks for dropping by. Been keeping well mate, be better at xmas, finish working full time to head back to the farm. I’ll start taking some more photos then!!

  4. well done mate, keep posting and spreading the love

  5. Yep …… You should catch CF when your about 100 at this rate. Well done anyways.

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