Landscape 500

I’d seen a couple other guys put their results up, so thought I’d throw this one in.

I was quite excited to have received a Silver Award for this image (89 points). This one is my Pilbara Storm image, taken on a stinking hot February Karratha evening. From memory it was a 10 second exposure, and the lightning strikes were very inconsistent. I remember shooting about 12 frames and managed  to get one strike. Anyway, good luck to all, I’m sure there’ll be some gold amongst the entries.




~ by Jamie Nicolaou on November 20, 2010.

31 Responses to “Landscape 500”

  1. Jamie, fantastic result mate! well done, brilliant image to boot.

    Cheers mate.

  2. G’day Jamie, congratulations on the silver mate bloody brilliant shot! one point off gold damm!

  3. Great shot Jamie! I love the movement of the clouds in the image.

  4. Congrats mate, awesome shot, well deserved.

  5. Crackerlacka shot mate! That is my favorite shot of yours for sure and I am jealous as hell!

    Can’t wait to see the winning shot now!

    • Hey Marky Mark, cheers for dropping by. Don;t know why you’d be jealous, especially with your work!! I’m sure there would have been some gold amongst the competition, so don’t think I’ll be up there!! Looks like you’ve been busy in PNG!

  6. Hey Thomas, thanks for the comment. Def one of my best!

  7. great stuff mate! well done!

  8. Great shot and Great score Jamie, I only managed bronzes this time around.

  9. Great shot!!….. congrats on the win too… the shot is worth it!!!

  10. Looks like you won mate. Fantastic shot and well done. I really like the way this shot is a landscape, cloudscape and lightning strike all in one!
    Great shot and well deserved win!

  11. Deserving winner Jamie. A brilliant image
    I want to be there!

  12. Awesome stuff Jamie, well done. Absolutely brilliant image. Dig

  13. Congratulations! Gorgeous pic. Love the lightning and the colours in the sky particularly.

  14. Thank you to everyone for the kind comments. I’m absolutely humbled by this. I’m still pinching myself, especially after seeing the top ten images. I just don;t know what to say, but thanks to all.

  15. Well done Jamie, I think you should take the holiday in a couple of weeks when we play you guys!!

    Amazing photograph mate. Well deserved.

  16. Gongrats Jamie! Pretty crazy how you posted this and didn’t even know you had won yet! very deserving !!! Great work mate!

  17. Yep, an amazing capture buddy, the colour and whole kit work very well.

  18. awesome shot Jamie, well deserved of the win. congrats!!

  19. Amazing photo Jamie, well done!

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